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Will stall while accelerating. No matter how fast I'm going.
Transmission not working won't drive past 3d gear rpms reving up high then won't shift into gear at all until I turn engine off for a few minutes but when I turn back on transmission only has one two gears if I drive at a higher speed tranny gets stuck and won't shift or drive
I jack the car up and I see coolant coming from some were on the engine near the oil filter housing. I changed the heater hoses,the upper intake,and the egr value. I thanking it's the heater core are a blow head gasket. Not sure. Help Please
Hard to find OEM. Mechanics have replaced twice in 2 years. Acura only has remans.
Is the shield bent or has the mechanic done something when he replaced the wheel bearings?
Car hard shift 2nd gear
D5 gear blinks when I'm driving.
This occurs when I am driving the car. Turning the care when driving forward or backing up, this is the only time I hear the grinding noise.
light came on.All of this happened at one time.Please help..
replace the entire system.
Out all the transmission oil leak out and the car would not come out of park
Out the shifter move but will not come out of park
Can this be sure to no grease in ball joint boot the tire has quit a lot of play when car is stopped and I shake it with my hands
Also I have a real bad shake in front end after I hit 45mph
I changed the ignition switch and still have the same problem
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