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есть ли кнока в капоте как на дверях которая в открытом состоянии не разрешает закрывать двери и где она находится
почему когда я закрываю двери пультом и нажимаю 2 раза машина не пикает ?
I would like gaskets and spark plug tube seals replaced also
My 1996 Acura integra driver door will not open. It cannot be unlocked with my key, from inside the car or by removing the interior handle/lock cover and trying to manipulate it. It's a manual lock in the handle. The door is closed so I cannot take off the door panel.I can get in the car by opening the passenger door and climbing into the drivers seat.
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I overheated once but I still smell steam. I can see steam coming from the radiator cap and area. It is a new cap. A pressure test was done and there is a leak but where?. No coolant on ground.nothing coming from head or anywhere and the gauge is normal.the amount of coolant I put in is very small if at all.After running the engine at idle for 30 minutes the bottom of radiator is cool to the touch and hot above the midline.
Not sure if this is related but occasionally I hear a whine when I throttle up instead of normal engine growl. What's that?
Thanks for any help
It occurs when driving at a slow speed. Diagnostic code P0740.
The car will begin to jack and the transmission get hot and the car transmission will stop working until I stop for wait and let it cool. This usually happen when I am on a speed of above 100km/hr for some time
this issue just started today. when i go to turn the ignition nothing happens except the lights come on. i just replaced the battery and had the breaks done. the mechanics said it is in excellent condition however all the sudden the vehicle wont start unless you turn the ignition and leave it turned to the on position for approximately 5 seconds then it'll start. could it be a starter, fuse, spark plug or the ignition itself?
I drive a 2008 mdx Acura and I have replaced the top and down gasket plus cylinders. There is a funny knock like sound from the engine
I just cleaned my EGR valve on an Acura 3.5RL. It was running rough and feels like its going to stall. Now I am told I have to run it at 55-60m/h for two trips. My question is how long is the trip should be? Also I am told I have to de-accelerate it during this trip whats is the catch. I noticed also first the idling was at 7r/min and now it dropped to 5r/min. When I accelerate high and I let go the acceleration sometime it stalls and it will start right up. The car vibrate very unusual. What could be the problem my check engine light is flashing? Please advise
Where do I find a maintenance schedule for my 1992 legend?
I just want to make sure the service is done when it should be.
After new battery, stop for two weeks and started again. First time it went off it was off and on for two day.
It happened when I plugged in my trailer's electrical plug
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