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looking for fuel pump relay or pgm fi main relay
My car wont click over unless i move my shifters,then it clicks over.
Car starts normally after sitting over night. Make a stop on the way to work; attempt a restart then very very slow starter motor to no turning of starter at all. Car has new battery, cable harness and Acura diagnosed starter for a week and came back with no problem found.
I am wondering if there is some kind of vapor lock going on and or if I turn on the key and move the gear sifter the car starts but turns over very slow. Anyone else experience this, if so what was the problem?

Have a defective nav unit, don't use it but would like to have manuel ac controls
for about 20-30 min then u can take it out of park n the switch un lock, what my baby problem this happen when ever I drive my car n put it in park after abt 20-30 min it ok.
I am changing the bulbs to led bulbs.
And the break light on the dashboard is coming on.
what to do?
2002 acura tl 3.2
Just died while driving down road. No electrical power. Replaced battery and generator as told. Drove one day. It did same thing.
Car just died. Put in new Altinater and Battery. Died again after one day. While driving. No electrical Power.
It only does it when first crank up what's the problem just had catalytic converters change
Smell of "rotten eggs" & depleting gas mileage; (Down 10mpg)
Is making me question a possible replacement of the catalytic converter?
Also I am having problems clutch slipping with down shifts when I want de-accelerate to slow quickly or just before jumping RPMs & accelerating to pass another vehicle.
These are the only times that I notice so far that the clutch slip is occurring.

1994 Acura Legend GS/LS COUPE
Where is the fuse box
Threw out the day it starts regular but in the mourning I turn key, everything comes on but it will take a second to start.
Recently had episodes where key turn did not start car without jiggling the ignition cylinder.
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