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Window stopped working after I hear a Clancy.

Only the horn works,no other power?

Why want car start?

it wants to turn over but it want

Noise is intermittent.

only hot air blow

Battery and alternator both. Good but does not charge

Not charging altenaror test good and new battery

Gone threw 4 distributors,no noise just no fire.Now replacing a a/c fan motor and removed carpet and rubber liner and can not tilt motor and cage nearly enough to pull it down at a angle that does not hit the metal foot rest after all materiel has been moved.No room from bottom of motor befor it hits foot tray leaving no chance to tilt it to get it out.Thanks for any help

All the headlights and taillights randomly come on and off. When the car is turned off, the rear left tail light stays on. When you first start the car, the front left headlight flickers and then turns off, and then eventually all the lights turn off except the rear left taillight.

glass is not broken window is off the trach

Whats wrong with it when it ran it was gutless no power wouldn't go over 60 mpg or 3,500 rpm thought the cat might be clogged idk I seems like it's suffocating its self

Whats wrong with it when it ran it was gutless no power wouldn't go over 60 mpg or 3,500 rpm thought the cat might be clogged idk

My TL will suddenly go from 4th to first while driving above 35 miles per hour

Car hard shift 2nd gear

D5 gear blinks when I'm driving.

This occurs when I am driving the car. Turning the care when driving forward or backing up, this is the only time I hear the grinding noise.

light came on.All of this happened at one time.Please help..

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right rear tail light unit isn't working- the left is ( have changed bulbs)

replace the entire system.

I was just wondering if there was a way to start my car from under the hood

where is the cabin filter exactly


oil.360,000 miles what is wrong and can it be fixed?
Thank you

I went to get my emissions done and the tech said there was no power to the port. He suggested a fuse might be out, perhaps the cigarette lighter. Is that the ACC relay fuse? If not, which fuse? I don't see cigarette lighter on the fuse diagram.

When I turn the key I hear a lil click from under the dash and that's about it. its a stick 5 speed. Also how do I unlock the anti lock brakes. Thank you for your time

Alternator failed and was replaced. New alt is charging now, tested by mechanic to be fine, but upon deceleration at about 10MPH, charging light flashes on then back off. Does not happen all the time. Seems to coincide with down shift (automatic). All good except annoyance of light.

Car was driven without an air filter for a little over 2100 miles due to no engine air filter. Car broke down out of town at beach. Could sand be in engine?

I think its my valves and seals.
360,000 miles on car?