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The shift also is locked and wont let me change it to drive or anything unless i use the key
and engine light on and told ned a transmission now after 2 wks. I bought the torque and he installed. engine light on and computer indicates transmission. what else could it bemileage 112000
Seems sluggish to switch gears between 55-60 miles per hour.
Do I have to pull the engine?
It occurs only when you start the engine. Once the car warms up, then the problem disappears. If left off for a few hours, the problem reappears.
The radiator hose feels really empty and flat....we just changed the top hose but its still doing the same thing....when i come to a stop the hand goes to red and then o jave to pill over, let it cool then crank ot and put more water in.....can you please give me some advice about this problem...thanks on advance for your time
I'll be driving and suddenly I'll loose power in my stereo, the lights all come on the dash and I'll loose all my gages then it dies and needs a boost to restart
I have a question for the honda repair man who responded to the question.

If the expansion valve is not fixed how long can I expect that it will be fine? Is this a symptom of a bigger problem? The cost to repair is a lot...

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its the a/c expansion valve pain in the butt to change its a 3-4 hour job the evaporator must come out under the dash if you can put up with the noise leave it no harm i have done a ton of these . 30 year honda tech
I just replaced my water pump and now my car wont stay running unless i am on the throttle and it now blows black smoke timing u s dead on can someone please help me
When first turn on the radio, correct data appears then is replaced with the Check Antenna message. Dealer want $800 to troubleshoot issue. This began a week ago. HELP!
Would they restrict heat flow or air-conditioning flow?
The VSA light, engine light and a triangle w/an exclamation point in it came on and my car would not accelerate normally. Eventually stepping hard on the gas got it up to speed, until I had to stop for a red light, then it wouldn't accelerate normally again and repeat. What could this mean?
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