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I noticed my coolant disapering I just changed water pump and saw no visable sings my oil was burning quick too it doesn't smoke I do have oil that smell like gas in my coolant overflow no oil in water the other day it started running really rough when u first start it and when u first drive it u can hear small popping from exshaust after a couple blocks it runs fine when u stop its miss firing like it needs a simple tune up idle goes up and down the rpm runs very high and takes forever to shift itself I noticed yesterday as I was warming her up an oil ring on floor under rear tail pipe what's wrong? How long does my baby have

batt was checked good
Fuses are good
Main relay is good too changed
Ignition switch was changed too
Neutral safty switch was cleaned

I was sitting in my car on friday waiting to start work. I had it running and all of a sudden the car turned itself off. No dash lights no power. I waiting about 10 mins before I tried to turn it back on out of fear. It did turn on and so far hasn't happened again,
It was the first time it's ever happened. Just bought the car about 1/2 a year ago. Took it to a mechanic who said that the car lookes like it was in really good condition.
I would be greatful for any help.

I maintain my car well. The "check emission system" light has been on/off over past 3 months. Sometimes with a new tank of gas and a long trip, it clears out; sometimes not. Have never changed this part before. Is 150,000 miles a reasonable life expectancy for a catalytic converter?

Unable to restart; new battery one month old.

1st, battery 2 yrs, warranty. Acura Replacement about 2 yrs. Acura would not replace. Third battery (8 yr warranty) , 2 1/2 yrs. 4th one this month. Average length of use, about 2 1/2 yrs. Is this normal? Could there be an electrical problem since new?

Need to know how much will cost and should then do all spark plugs? And what else should be checked?

I had an engine transmission mount replaced on 1/2013. I believe all thoe mounts need replacing.

Driving, in gear, the car suddenly popped out of gear. I couldnt get it into any gear after that. When I shift the shifter, it feels like its going into gear, but its not. Tried shutting car off etc to put it into gear. Nothing works to get it into gear. A problem with the clutch assemblyor the clutch itself wouldnt prevent it from going into gear when its shut down, would it? It makes no senseto me. The fork that goes inside the trans is in place and it feels like its going thru the gears wheni shift with shifter. But, its not!! I dont know where to start or what to do! I dont want to replace a bunch of parts without being sure of what the prodlem is. Any ideas?!!

No heat produced, blowers operate normally. Thermostat was replaced in Oct.

Headlight will blick on then go out. 300000 + miles engine and body still great

Started car previous night and radio would not work, anti theft light on radio blinked while car was running. This morning car started right up but again no radio. Left work tonight and turned key in ignition and nothing, no crank, no dash board lights. Tried to start 5 time over a half hour and then car turned right over and radio prompted me for code and worked. Any ideas?

After putting key in ignition and trying to start the car, nothing happens. The inside lights works, had battery checked and it was fine.

It has to be the original 2 piece !!1985-1990

It started when I started the car. I have 56000 miles and everything seems fine

I have recently got an engine code P0222 throttle/pedal position sensor switch B circuit low. I have changed my throttle body and my accerlartor sensor pedal, both from the dealer. I had an aftermarket intake and I replaced it back to the stock intake box and I still get the code. Is there anything else it could possible be. Like the ECM/ECU or a harness issue or something else. Please help

($480. for the F Stabilizer Bar Bushing') - is this something I need when replacing my front struts ($407.) for my acura mdx 2001 - pep boys also stated I need to replace 'stabilizer Bar End link" for $80, and "PB/MONROE Front Strut-Mate Mounting Kit" (for $36.99) and 2 x "Prosteer Control Arm Control Arm w/Ball Joint" for $424.) and "Drive Rite Serpentie Belt" x's 2 @ $30. + $33) - ALL THIS BECAUSE MY CAR SHAKES AND RUMBLES WHEN I GET UP TO 50 MPH??? TOTALING $1,400. ----- ALSO - my front hood and back door/hatch will not stay open - what does this mean? and approx. how much to fix? thank-you very much - haley

The malfunctioning gauge has burned out one fuel pump already. The dealership changed the fuel sensor in the tank and told me it was fixed. Last time I drove it which I was on my first full tank of gas after the accident, the fuel gauge said a quarter tank of gas was in the tank. The first time the fuel pump fried it also said a quarter of a tank. Smoke was coming out of the new fuel pump. I don't think they know what is the real problem here. Can an impact to the front of a car affect the fuel gauge needle?

I replaced the EGR Valve as it threw all the codes P0301-P006 then also a random Cylinder misfire along with the P1399 they said that was the EGR valve took out cleaned the best I could and replaced with new. Did nothing else. Still having issues. Engine light flashes when accelerating then stays solid when at higher RMS's. This is a 2001 Acura CL S Type and never had one single problem with this car runs like it just came off the lot. I am shocked to say the least. It does have almost 150K on it so something is bound to happen. It's lagging spitting and misfiring. Should I change the plugs also before taking it to the dealer? I am a female so anything to me is foreign this was just an easy one that I was able to handle on my own. I keep reading about maybe a bad coil. It was pretty grimy and I dug out a ton off stuff. Thanks in advance