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My rear antilock brakesdash light is on and I am not sure what to look for in what may be the prblem and what will be the please?
I want to thank all for the help on blower--lots of good help--went well AFTER I removed blower motor. Got screws out (even the hard one) with 7/32 ignition open end wrench.
03 Buick Century

/Thanks to all
Allen Bridgman
Honda Civic runs with a full tank (10 gal.) of gas but when the fuel level gets down to 2.5 gal. of gas remaining, the car cuts out and will not start up. When it gets close to this lower fuel level it starts to cut out at stops but will start up again.
Fuel relay + ignition checked out O.K.
Neede to find out how to reset the computer to turn ac back on
how can rusty frozen manifold bolts be removed
Where is the A/C cycling switch located ? It's a 4.6 front wheel drive (hence the engine is turned sideways)
I disconnected the the battery, so it could be tested. The battery is good but when I put it back into the car, now I do not get anything. Is there a reset or something>??
security passlock issue,did the 10 min x 3, no good ,dealer replaced a chip in/near key cylinder new battery,,van will not start,starts n stalls out (is passlock) getting spark,has gas to throttle,sometimes the 10 min works other times it wont,can i disable or bypass it without buying a byoass module,HELP :o,dynamite is next :)
My right side turn signals will not work. (The left side works fine.) I replaced the bulbs, front and back. I can not find a specific fuse for the turn signals, right or left either.
The hazard switch only flashes on the left side when I turn them on also.
When I turn all the lights on the right front signal light will burn, but will not flash.
On the dash board, the right signal indicator does not come on either.
engine lights are on they told me to change the knock sensor, however the parts store gave me the egr sensor?
3000 hrs change
my va started acting up and we thought it was the battery because when we got a jump it started with no problem .it cut off again but this time it would start with a jump ,so we replace the battery it still wouldn't start. i had 2 people look at it one said we need a new relay an maybe a brain . the funny thing is when the guy put the hand held computer on the van no codes came up and the van started with no problem .the minute he took the computer off the van wouldn't start .He said it not the starter or altenator so what the problem an does it have to go back to the dealer?
i am not getting any spark.i canged the coil, shaft senser and resister.what els can i do
Is the crankshaft bolt reverse threads
This just started to occur. there are 77,000 miles on the vehicle. It only happens after heavy rain while the vehicle is parked. When I start to drive the "event" occurs and goes away after driving several miles.