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cable broke i have replacement mount cannot figure out how to get top two bolts out.

passanger steel break line rear to front needs to be replaced. from where to where does this line run?

new batteries when you turn the switch nothing

have a squeaking noise from the rear suspension. think this is due to bushings being worn out...anyone have any other ideas?

The car is a 2001 with 122,000 miles on it. It only has happened three times but I could not get the car out of park. After a few minutes I was able to get the car into gear. What could it be?

I ran into the side of my garage and the passenger mirror bent back and snapped. Nothing broke off or anything, the mirror and base just need to be snapped back on to the car. It currently is kind of attached on its own and with a little help from duck tape.

the problem jusrt happened and only the engine symbol light is on the dash board

I was wondering if it was still ok to drive very minimally such as back and forth to the repair shop or if further riving will cause more damage. This has happened before and I believe I just need a transmission flush. But only when I merge on to the highway does it jerk from time to time while driving and the check transmission light blinks when I turn off my car and on again again the light is no more and the jerking stops.

How do I check the fuel pump relay. Car sounds like it wants to start but will not turn over. Was told to check this out. Where is it located? Thanks much.

can it be replaced while still mounted on the truck

The compressor belt is gone. What does it do and how long can you drive it without it?

All my Power Windows don't work at all, when I stop my wipers they stop at half way.My engine light is on, the mechanic said it was my exhaust he changed it and my sensor the light is still on. The car run grate need to inspect it next month don't know what to do, please help don't have money for another car right now.

until the car warms up it does not shift

Aloud noise coming from underneath the car near engine. But the engine is running smoothly. I looks like a pipe
has dixconnected coming from the engine conecting to the
exhaust system. Can I repair the whole systenm connection?

What causes the engine to go into reduced power mode when AC is running? Takes about 5 mins to shut down in town. Shuts down in about 15 mins running 65 on highway. Scanning computer shows no codes.