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2003 Honda accord power sterling pump oozing out of pump

How long does it take to replace timing chain? What should it cost for parts and labor?

When I start my car it sounds like I hear rocks. Also when I step on the gas pedal after a stop I hear the same noise. After driving the car for a while, then the noise disappears. Does anyone know what is causing this?

What would be a fair estimate to replace a broken drive shaft?

were can i find a fuse box layout for a 1990 toyota camry dx4 cyl sedan

When i drive the car it feels like it is cutting back like it is not getting enough power. Got a new muffler on, changed converter, new plugs, and new fuel filter. Also i cant barely go up hills when driving. What could it be, please i need help.

I have changed the transmission switch, checked the bulbs and fuse.

Hello I have a 97 cutlass supreme with a bad oil leak some where near the starter. It looks like it coming from beneath the starter, any ideas?? Oh it only really leaks when started and fast, not filter head gasket. Help!!!

I cracked the tail light lens. Nothing is actually broken, there is just a "spider web" type of crack on the clear lens. Can the lens be removed so I can use a repair kit, and if so, how? I've searched for replacement lenses, but only whole tail light assemblies are available. This is why I'm afraid it may not be possible to remove it. Thanks very much.

where does the back bolt straps bolt to on the gas tank onto the van

Code P0505, replaced distributor, per nissian shop, now have codes P0122 and P050, have alredy repalced TPS

if i disconnect mass air sensor and still have hesitation at top of peddle does this mean sensor is working and i should look to something else, any suggestions greatly appreciated

I need to replace the passenger headlight assembly immediately and have very little money. Can you help us?

engine cuts off in turns at random but will start and run fine, don't matter if fuel tank is full or not

po453 code