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loud rattle over pas.rear wheel they said it was a cover that hold the strut is this a big problem and should this cost alot thanks
AC stopped coling, so I tried adding coolant, but it will not take it. What could be the problem? I've replaced the compressor three times in the last two years....agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need to replace both O2 sensors for upstream bank 1 but not too sure exactly which sensor, please supply picture diagram, thanks
check eng light on with code 071 code 3 times,
whichway to take out radiator or front bumper
Washed my engine and now my engine runs rough. it has been three days now can not figure out what is wrong, checked the distibutor cap and the coil wires for moisture. just recently changed out the power steering pump, notice today that my rack and pionion is leaking from both sides.
Changed the battery now the cluster has gone crazy. Speed-O is inop and fuel guage is erratic. Also A/C is inop, no control from Hvac control head.
My car keeps overheating after Ive already replaced the thermostat the waterpump and a new belt and resivor cap.What else could it be and how can I fix it?
When using the accessory plug with our childs TV, it quit working. There are no blown fuses. The lighter also does not work. The fuses for the accessory and lighter checked out ok.
when cranking for a few seconds code comes up on bus...any idea where to look first?
Makes noise when turning
My van doesn't start sometimes I have to take the battery cables off clean them in put them back on.....took it to the shop in they said the computer is messup ..but it don't sound right cuz the van will start
I have a 2005 Nissan Frontier SE w the 4.0L V6. Truck wouldn't start and when it would it would sputter at best, i ended up having to replace the main engine relay. Runs fine now but 2 days after replacing it then "service engine soon" light popped on and has been on for 2 more days now. Gonna get it checked out, didn't know if anyone can add onto this for me. Maybe it only needs to be reset? Thank you..
Is it difficult? or is it worth paying someoen else?