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can someone direct me to some instructions on how to change the ect myself?
getting readings from 45psi to 95psi
This will be third engine, there is smoke and we were told had to replace whole engine, there is antifreeze in it.
the headlights will not come on , on auto ,but work when turned on manually. however, the parking lights work on auto.
Does the Ford zx2 has brake problems? I hit my car yesterday up hill the car in front of me stop on a red light and I was probably 7 cars behind him. we were the only 2 cars on the road. I was not even speeding, my speed was around 20 miles per hour because I saw the red light. I stepped on my brakes and put the car in neutral but the car wouldn't stop or it the was sliding. It was raining yesterday and might be the cause of the car to slide. I just install new front brakes and other engine components. the car rans great but not sure if the Ford ZX2 has brake problems. I don't want my daughter riding with me if FORD ZX2 has brake problems. This would be my 2nd accident in 2 months. First one was definetely my fault because I was not for looking for 10 seconds (grab something on the front passenger seat). rear ended a car because someone wanted to exit at a last minute on 95. I fixed the bumper pushed it back and no major damages. I took out the reinforcement bar because it was already crack. I was going to replace it but too late. The car is still running but my driver side headlights is busted. If I have install a new reinforce bumper I might have totalled the other car yesterday.
Car will not start. Sounds like it wants to. Lights & radio DO work...not a battery problem.
car stalls only in rain distributer replaced no help crank sensor replaced no help now have code for cam sensor ?
Just got a diagnostic from a muffler shop and in addition to a few items, suggested I replace my front brakes and rotors because I'm down to 20%. I'm not hearing any noise or noticing and decreased braking power. At what percentage of wear should I replace my brakes? Or should I just listen for the warning strips as my guide?
Our AC doesnt work.. Now even if the controls are off to everything when you are going down the road there is really really hot air comming from all vents including defrosters and floor.. I need HELP.. what can be done to make it stop..
How frequently should the belt and or chain be replaced.
iam trying to found thr steering belt
where is relay located and blower motor
How is the rear diectional light replaced?
blower motor stopped working
both battery are good/ alternater tests goob/shows 14.2 charge rate at battery/starts runs good. checked the fuses checked for bad gound/ e-mail / thanks