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drivers side front buttons for windows dont work left rear window works neither mirror works radio want shutoff by opening drivers door open passengerit goes off

radio and 1/2 instrument cluster dont work . I changed radio and instument cluster but is still same problem all fuzes are ok thx

A couple of days ago my radio began to have a lot of static and now the panel lights up but stations wont come in and just today I noticed that the right headlight is out, earlier I notice the lights inside car dimming not not out. Please help, I don't want a large repair bill. I just got car two months ago. My other question is the windshield wipers is working but when turned off they remain in the up position?.

I just bought a 2011 nissan xterra X but I am 5' tall and my xterra driver seat does not raise. I am actually sitting on a pillow to drive....uncomfortable. Is it possible to replace the seat to an 8 way manual drivers seat? And if so, where can I purchase the seat?

My G/F has a 2004 grand am,to me it loks like it is leaking cooling fluid on the right front. She uses some other kind of coolant other than reg anti freeze, but I can tell it is a mixture of water. The car runs great and has 158000 miles on it. The pump has never been replaced. To save money, i wanted to see if you might could help me through this or should I have something else checked before I take on this task. Thanks

i just replaced the engine in my 1997 hyundai elantra 5 speed. after hooking everything back up, the car will now turn over but wont fire. and there is no spark for any plug wire. could it be the coil pack?

I need to remove my sun visors, How do I detach the wire harness for removal.

I will take this time to thank you in advance for you help

After, technician changed bulb on passenger side of vehickle it looks like a veil is over the light. I cannot see down the road. I have taken car in 4 times and it is still not fixed. Technician from another location drove car at night and states in his 41 years of servicing Mercedes he has never seen anything like it. However they don't know how to fix problem. I have 30,000 miles on my car and purchased new in 2009. Also center break lamp keeps going on and off.

Belt came off an power sterring fluid ran out

Looking for a mechanic who can replace the engine in my Rodeo at a cost effective price.

i just bought some ngk laser platiums spark plugs jeep and book say plugs gap at 44 when i check them out of package they all were close to 38 thousands should i reset gap to 44 thousants

anti-lock light on

Timing Chain broke, trying to get the new one on

I have a 1987 Nissan 300ZX and I am trying to find a picture of the drivers side exhaust manifold so I can get a used one. Mine is cracked. Does anyone know where I can get a picture of it? It is not in the drop down list of years.

is a spring compressor tool required when replacing rear struts on my 1992 grand prix ,is there another way of compressing the spring w/o the using the j 35778 tool if it is needed .