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Just noted a lead from a seal in the front of the transmission case that holds the transmission fluid. Requesting a cost estimate to replace the seal?
where is pcv valve located
Put i freon clutch engages but still get no cold air.
where is the power steering pressure located on a 2000 dodge dakota 4.7lv8
Now, cannot get the axle out of the hub, it will not slide out, could someone help.
i was driving yesterday and my car cut off at a stop sign, it started back up but i did not know what happen. drivin on interstate today all these light came on and the engine lost power but did not cut off.
low rpm when ac and lights on
it won't start in the morning but after it has been started it will start. have to use either to start
Turn signals and backup lights stopped working and replacement fuses blow immediately (key off)upon installing a new one. Replaced R/F turn signal assembly as thought it was the problem, wrong thought. At first the right side blinkers stopped Any help is appreciated.
I havent had any problems yet
ac compressor will not come on...tried to manually jump compressor with hot wire for test and it still did not come on....what could be the problem??
I need to know what order the spark plugs are in and then the firing order for the coil
Does this vehicle have a timing belt or chain? If it has a belt, what is the estimated cost to replace?
Can any one tell me all the parts I should get to replace my water pump. I was told to also buying the Accessory and A/C belts and do the hoses at same time. Other than the Water Pump I assume i need a gasket/bolts. Is there anything else I should purchase? Please advise. thanks all!
The head gasket is blown.