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My low beam head lights went bad.
How do you replace the halogen lamps without taking out the whole light assembly?

trans. will not downshift into first gear. I must manually shift it and as soon as the vehicle begins to move i can put it in drive and all other gears work properly up or down. I cannot identify shift solenoid B in the trans. There are so many solenoids. po756 is vague at best.

I have a 92 s10 that cranks and runs great until it get warmed up at which time if you cut it off it doesnt want to crank back till it cools i have had the electrical side checked all is good.After you cut it off the injector dont want to allow gas to squirt can you help

I have a 2004 Ram 1500 with a 4.7 liter motor. Temp seems to creep past its normal temp in traffic. I flushed the radiator and it still is doing the same thing. I think it is either the radiator or the water pump starting to fail. Any suggestions?

does it need a third brake light

I was just driving my car 30 min ago! I then get back in the car to start it up & it doesn't start no sound no nothing. Keep in mind this is the first time this has happen! What seems to be the problem? Please help. & also doors wouldn't lock & unlock..

My CRV was diagnosed as #4 cylinder misfire.There is no telling when it will happen.Mechanic has replaced plugs.When it happens my engine will almost stall and engine light will flash.It will eventually stop after a few min. or when I restart the vehicle.

looking to find price to replace freeze plugs the two on the front are leeking, but there might be problem with the one behind the flywheel. If you a rough estiment to replace them

What is the procedure for r/r spark plugs on 2004 Amanti Kia. What all has to be removed in order to get access to these plugs and are there any gaskets that will have to be replaced?

all gears- hard to get it up to speed. have already head done & valves replaced, 02 range crank sensors all replaced. valve body problem diagnosed by kennedy trans.replaced tranny with used. tps replaced. still does not seem to get out of limp-home mode. catalytic coverter opened up. tried to replace computer but car will not run with replacement. nothing is showing up on the scanner.

my tranmission temp'volt sensor keeps kicking the trany out of overdrive how can i fix this

I have a 2005 Saturn Ion. There was a wire hangind down and my ABS light was on. The mechanic said the ABS is ripped out and ruined. He also said the boot is leaking and the axle needs to be replaced. Is the vehicle still driveable and what would happen if I didn't fix it right away and continued to drive it?

I have a engine check light that comes on about once a week, engine code P2402,I have replaced the gas cap with a mazda brand.

Engine cranks but will not start. Engine floods leaving gas on plugs. Spark found at all plug wires. ??

Labor hours to replace O2 sensor for 04 ls430. Bank 1, Sensor 1