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My Kia (with 100800 miles) lost power in the mountains. I noticed that the trans indicatior light was not working, gas gague not working and no check engine light was on. I shut the engine off and now everything is dead. With the key on I don't get any lights on the dash, no gas gague and starter wont even try. Battery is good. Horn, headlights pwr windows and radio all work, but wont even try to start.
As soon as my car starts it come on
when climate control is on the center vents do not blow any air. air is blowing out side and floor vents only regardless that the display shows it should be from top vents only.
how to replace ac hose
Cant figure out why my over flow hose keeps letting out antifreeze. No indication of over heating and Thermostat was changed. Losing qtr. of a gal every 3 days.
what if i have my owner parst how moush is it then?
What type of sparkplugs are the best for my vehicle that will last the longest?
just had the water pump sensors replace and timing bebt replace
i started the car and the engine light did not go out I JUST HAD IT OUT THE SHOP FOR REPAIR OF WATER PUMP TIMING BELT AND SENSORS REPLACE
How many fuel injectors does a 2000 Toyota celica GTS have and how many need to be replaced?
I took the door panel off and there does not seem to be a hole to get into replace the actuator motor? Any ideas??
my question is really for a ford fairlane 1964 i need to see a wiring diagram but i wasnt able to choose 1964 or fairlane please help 260v8 engine
transmission has small leak on drivers side axel
Where is the tire pressure unit in car under dash or where, and what does it look like.
I replacd the fuel filter & the fuel pump & fuel pump relay and when you are driving & slow down to stop it dies.but will start right up