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I cannot get the "maintenance required" light on the dash to go off. I have reset all the maintenance dates. I have turned the ignition to the on position and held down the mileage trip meter button that is supposed to get it to turn off. It stays lit. Any suggestions? All the maintenance is current.
Transmission has been disassembled and problem is with mixing of radiator coolant with transmission fluid causing noises in transmission. shop recommends replacing all internal parts.....any other options?
How to change the transmission oil
I had a cat/converter put on and it started to rattle and 2 days later I took it and they adjustedit and the check engine turned on. I left and bout a hour later the truck did not want to want run even when I stepped on the gas. I have a car gage and it read a code,
when I turn the key it will click rapidly but not engage to start
my complete entainment system was stolen. how much would it cost to replace it.
Why would a front end sound like loose suspension, loose tie rods,loose sway bar, or just loose joints?
I tried to recharge the A/c but when i plug the A/c hose it would no let me charge it and the A/c compressor did not turn on. so i plugged the A/c compressor sensor to the battery and It turn on. the A/c only blows hot air only. what could be the problem with the A/c?
i just replaced the master cylinder and brake booster on an 04 verona and have bled the brakes several times. i have even hooked it up to a scanner and did an ABS bleed on it and the pedal still feels really spongie. no lines seem to be leaking and am out of ideas. any suggestions?
service engine light is on
My son just bought his first vehicle which failed CA smog because the check engine light does not come on. What can we do to fix this?
i have a 2008 328i with 89k. am i in need for a tune up? bought the car with 62k 10 months ago. thanks!
On the highest setting, the A/C fan will stop. On all other settings the fan runs fine. This also occurs while running heat or just the vent.
My car keeps dying at slow speed and also bucks while driving like it is misfiring.