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Just want to replace headlight and tail light with more updated housing. Tail light must be easy, just need guidance. I know bumper has to come off for headlight, but can I do it myself? Also how to install the chrome trims around head and tail lights. Detailed answer or website would be appreciated.

Ok so my trailblazer is stuck in park wont budge when u push the brake cant move out of park what do i do ?

The drivers electric door lock is working intermitenly. It won't unlock with fob or with key. There is a new battery in key fob.

The front right park lights come on when I hit the brakes and the right signals front and back come on with the left. When I turn on all the lights everything is ok, could this be cause by the trailer plug being corroded???

My 2001 w/318 started bucking and dying on way home.
Would start back up but had to feather throttle and
baby it to get back home 10 miles. Tried to start next
day, would crank normally but not start. Tried ether -
no start. Suspected ignition problem. Put OBC2 tester on
it and got one code. P0138 O2 sensor B1-S2 "Shorted
To Voltage." Replaced O2 Sensor, still no start. Put OBC2
tester back on - NO problem codes but did have 4 "Pending"
codes flashing; C - Catalyst Monitor, EV- EVAP System Monitor,
O-Oxygen Sensor Monitor and OH-Oxygen Sensor Heater
Does anyone have a clue as to where to check next?
Will any of the "Pending Codes" prevent it from starting?
Mike T

got rear ended last night - looks like the bumper, trunk and left side back 1/4 pannel needs to be replaced. Any idea what this might cost???

my car will start then die u can start back its fine then it will die and takes forever to start back just turns ove i replaced battery and cables what else cld it be

started car went leave car slowed eng pwr reduced light came on now.what's the warning light is on too.

My car makes a creeking noise in the front right when turning or accelerating from a stop. Is it the suspension? How much to repair front struts?

For the last 2 years sometimes the windows won't go up or down.Sometimes they are O.K. but more and more often they won't.

replaced pump, bled system 3 x seems to work well when cold then stops in parking situations,then works fine on the road. Is this a bad pump, did I not bleed properly or is the rack gone also. I noticed notes here about the high pressure hose but see no visible leaks in mine.

how do you bleed the air out of the system

Loosing 2 gal. of coolant about every 30 miles.

Car will just shut off.... just replaced crank shaft positioner... ran fine first day... Tryed to start car next day - nothing - all lights on dash come on and the electric fan motor starts to run in the engine compartment - that it! Waited an hour - went out and car started right up ?!?!!?? What is causing this to happen ?

car was in accident left side replaced airbags both aftermart