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where is located and how to remove the voltage regulator from a 1993 bmw 318i, please add a photo or video, I was told that is attach to the alternator but I just can't see it, also, what tool do I need. Thank you.

AC stopped blowing cold air. AC relay under hood is fine. Tried to recharge freon but gauge doesn't register nor does it pull freon in. Not hearing any click from the AC cycling. Is this compressor or clutch failure or is there something easier I can troubleshoot?

last week I tried to open my moon roof which I seldom do. It only opened up and wouldn't slide open. It stuck with the front raised but will not close or slide.

Back door will not unlock

Some times hard to start, must give gas; but in the mornings and after work starts right up, but hard to start 3 minutes later. What is the problem, starter?

Hi im trying to find a location of camshaft sensor

My car gets hot when idling and I just put a new radiator in...there is a coolant leaking as well

I parked my Acura RL and when I went back to go home it wouldn't start. Car engine turned over but just wouldn't start no matter how many times I tried. Had it towed to repair shop - they've had it for two days and say they can't determine why it won't start. Any suggestions?

Just bought this car one week ago. Seemed to have no problems.
Now it will not go in any gear. Will not move out of tracks.

Where would the main computer be located,

5 time asking this same question

How would I get the info if someone anwsure this

I have power to the master switch, and have replaced the master switch on the drivers side. have checked the fuses, and the wiring to the motors, the motors can be jumped with 12 volt and will move. How does the master switch get grounded? Which wire is the ground?

where is the thermostat on my taurus how can I check to see if need to be replaced

since the handle is not connected, it is currently happening all the time.

I ran out of gas, and when i put gas in it it still wont start. I checked and its has no spark. Do i have to do something to get it running again?

I just purchased this car and I would like to know how to detect if it has an alarm system on it.