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Car idles rough (car shakes) when at stop and still in gear. Can this be fixed?

my airbag light came on and now when someone sits in the passenger seat it always says airbag off when i know it should be on

i was driving home and my window wouldnt roll down and ac would not work and air bag light came on. checked all fuses all of them are good and also replaced the power window fuse

how many exhaust manifold gaskets are in my jeep? shop states, "replaced exhaust manifold gaskets and broken bolts." I only see one gasket in the illustration.

how to remove rear hub and rear stud

Is there a belt maintance mileage zr1 or are they gear cams

have put in clutch and flywheel and need to know how many lbs of torque i need to finish it

i put new heater core ,new radiator,new water pump ,new thermostat,and a new fan clutch on and still im looking at temperatures ranging from 205 degress too 215 degress what do i do?

i need to change my ignition switch how do i go about doing that?

message center change oil soon

a/c blows cold untill motor warms up then there is hot air mixed with a/c?

motor blew mech went and got another installed it had nothing but trouble since things wrong after they installed this motor ABS motor .light motor not working brake light on bad injectors overdrive lights blinking none of this was wrong until they installed this motor and now they want me to pay for their mistakes not.

speed control quit working, fuse is good

I feel some vibration only when I apply a brake. Sometimes I notice some vibration at a speed between 120km/hr and 140km/hr. When I go over 140km/hr, vibration is go away. Please what wrong with my car.Thanks

One of the three coils are bad! How do I determine one it is.?