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how do I reset the engine light?
The car will not start up at all it just make a clanking sound when trying to start up.
Recently had rotors turned and brake pads replaced on front. Now hearing thumping noise and occasional squeal when braking. What could it be? Being told calipers might need changing.
Where is the fuel filter located on a 1994 Mazda B2300 pickup?
Dear Sirs:
PLEASE let me know which brand & model of shock absorber should I buy in order to have the most smooth, comfortable ride in city & highway driving. I do NEVER go offroad.
A- Chevy Bazer (S-10, 4.3), 1997
B- Jeep Cherokee (classic, 4.0)1996
Thank you; o.f.
Problem just accured.
I want to purchase an air filter and I'm not sure of what type and size.
the engine turn but to start is a problem,so my mechanic said that is engine brain box,but no way to fine
how expensive to fix power stering pum
how expensive to fix fan for air conditioner
How does the carburetor come off of the intake manifold? Need to clean out the jets. Has been sitting for 10 years.
How do you test to see if your ball joints are bad on a 2004 Mountaineer?
What to do when my anti-theft is on and my 2004poniac grand prix wont start?
I have replaced the control panel, three times I have switched out the wiring harnest. Nothing... Just defrost getting air.. Also, no heat this past winter?
Bought my car secondhand in April last year.
Have had no problems. Until yesterday. After doing some errands, got back to the car 2 hours later and went to start it and it would not start.
The lock, lights, windows etc still works but it would not start (the dash board lights did not and my button to open the car was acting up).Upon lifting the hood, the fans were running and when I checked the temperature gauge it went past HOT. But when I took the key out of the ignitiion it went back to zero. Had a friend look it over and he checked everything. The batteries were good, fuse etc. Even jump started it but it was irregular and did not would not charge.
In the end had to get it towed. Is it the computer or what?
PS. I am from Dandenong Victoria in Australia