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water leak on passenger side is it my waterpump
How do I fix it so I can listen to the radio or just close the windows without having to turn the key all the way without starting the car????? I want the radio, windows to work in accessory mode. Right now I have to turn the key all the way, just not start the car to close the windows. If I want to listen to the radio it drains the battery because it is not in accessory but turned almost as if I was starting the car?
I Have two 12 inch cuts in my convertible top and I would like to have the top replaced inexpensively or purchase an inexpensive convertible hard top.
I had put in stop leak for a/c and then added 1 large can of freon and 1 small can.... it still blows hot.... and the compressor is coming on and going off??? Spent 80.00 :(... do I need more 20.00 can of freon for small? or or ... HHHEEELLLPP... :) ty
car will not start and there is water in all the cylinders
what procedures are called for at 60000 miles? Does the timing belt need to be replaced?
my sts light comes on and of will driving
I am trying to clean the evaporator core to get more air flow through my vents - how do I do this? Do you have to pull the blower motor and if so where and how? Thanks!
my srs light is staying
on in my cl500
do you access the heater core from the inside or outside of the van?
Bought my 2009 Ford Fusion in October of 2008. Last Friday the engine began to make a loud hammering sound. I took it to the dealer, and was informed that it needs a new engine. It currently has 33,xxx miles and should still be under the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. However, I'm still waiting to hear from Ford as to whether or not it will be covered. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
When should I change the timing belt?
Just driving down the road for no apparent reason a message comes on "PWRSTR" and the power stering stops working.
The power brake booster went bad and caused the ABS light to flash. The truck (automatic) also will not shift out of park. Does a bad brake booster cause the vehicle not to shift from park?
Truck is making noise and had it looked at by a guy at a muffler shop and he said it was the "air pump" - before I take it anywhere else I was trying to find prices on air pumps but cannot find an air pump as a part on this truck...any ideas or comments would be helpful