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where is the PVC valve loacted on the engine

The Light just flashes sometimes but very annoying

Upon starting the car (not every time)the cruise control light will be on and the AC will not turn soon as the light goes off the AC turns on..any ideas what to look for?

Water leak in the back only on the floor

The Van is running fine but the "Serive Engine Soon" light comes on.

i get gas up to the throttle body but it don't start fuel pump is 2-3 years old what's the pressure supposed to be

My transmission seems to shift late- gets to 4-5 RPM's before it shifts. will a regular transmission tune up take care of this??

Grinding noise dirty fluid

Ratling noice in fron end driver side when I go over a bump.

my brakes seem to be fine no noise stop fine, i am told i need new front disc pads and rotors,,,how do i know i do need them and their not trying to make a sale???

this car is advertised to get 40+ mpg, standard. we now have 7500 on ours and it has never gotten above 34.5 and on this tank its down to 29.1. we drive very carefully,we have to drive 35+miles to the freeway to shop every week, its a good straight 2 lane road and we use cruise. we drove it from the canadian border to palm springs on I-5, still not above 34.5. the only reason we purchased this car was the mileage advertisement. what can be done to fix this?? we are really unhappy customers and will trade this car off.

I have a 07 mustang v6 the scanner gives me these codes p0175,and p2195. Both have to do with the o2 sensors which I have replaced all. I also replaced the MAF sensor too any ideas on what it could be. Any advice would be helpful thank you.

having problems shifting gear into drive from park. the car
shifter button jams. after many tries it shifts but after many tries, however other times I get in the car and it shifts with no problem.

I just bought this car and while driving home it started raining, I turned on the windshield wipers and they worked slowly at first then a little faster and then stopped, after that they would only work when they felt like it. Is this a known problem?

switch does not work on any selection.removed fused and put back in worked for awhile the stopped working fell air coming out on normal