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i just replaced the master cylinder and brake booster on an 04 verona and have bled the brakes several times. i have even hooked it up to a scanner and did an ABS bleed on it and the pedal still feels really spongie. no lines seem to be leaking and am out of ideas. any suggestions?
service engine light is on
My son just bought his first vehicle which failed CA smog because the check engine light does not come on. What can we do to fix this?
i have a 2008 328i with 89k. am i in need for a tune up? bought the car with 62k 10 months ago. thanks!
On the highest setting, the A/C fan will stop. On all other settings the fan runs fine. This also occurs while running heat or just the vent.
My car keeps dying at slow speed and also bucks while driving like it is misfiring.
Got in my car yesterday and went to turn on the air conditioner and nothing..then I tried the fan and it was dead also...nothing working..I have tried high and low and turn off and back husband checked the fuses and they all look good. Any idea's?
When AC is on, it will start snapping and when I raise the temp it goes, if I lower the tempt it comes back. the AC is fully checked out.
my right rear seal is leaking and was told that I had to have a special tool to change seal. to which hub had to be removed from axle to change it. Is this true? I have never heard of this type of thing before.
1988 s10 tahoe 4.3 v6 new air compressor, new belt derailed at compressor within 5 miles, tensioner replaced, belt replaced, belt came off at compressor again within 5 miles.
Both times truck was in reverse backing out, if this makes a difference.
key was broke off n ignition and I removed it with tweezers and set off anti theft alarm (that I didn't know it had). I need to know how to reset it so it can b driven again as it is a wheelchair van.
What are the parts needed for a tune up
My Digital mileage and P, R, N, D symbols cannot be seen because light is out...I checked fuses and all are good....And my A/C keeps going back and forth through all the vents from front vents to feet to defrost vents all on their own
I have a message in my car that reads tail light failure. I took it to the BMW dealer and they told me that my tail light assembly is burned and i'll need a new tail light housing and re-wiring done which will cost me $550! I'm nervous about going to another non-BMW dealer to have it fixed because its electrical wiring. Do you think its ok to try another place. I don't have 550 right now but I really need that light fixed. How much should it cost.
My mileage is digital, And When i go from park to reverse or drive the little square that highlights what gear your in isnt moving over, and not the lights just went ouot, my other dash light work like seat belt light, but now i cant see P, R, D, 1, 2 and of course i cant see mileage either now