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Whats the gas milege on a 1996 Deville V-8 32 v northstar engine 4 door sedan automatic tranmission?

Recently my 2005 ford explorer began to start roughly and every now and then the engine light will go on. This only happens in the morning when it is first started. After driving it it will start up smoothly without any issues the rest of the day. So when i start it in the morning, sometimes it will have a shake to it and the engine light will blink stating a miss fire in the engine. Other times it will shake on start up and just have a steady engine light. what would cause this and what do i need to do to fix it? thanks so much for any info or help!

air stop working,power sterling pump is morning, the lightes blink. Also still making payment on the car so don,t have money for all the repairs. I'm very disapointed in my car (Chrysler PT Cruiser)

put a new brake booster on and plug brake light swicth up and it worked but wood not go off so unplug them and now they want come on

whet is the proper way to bleed the braked on a 97 Honda Accord and what should it cost to replace a rear brake line

None of my gauges work, including the speedometer. I was told the whole main computer would need to be replaced. Is this true and if so, about how much can I expect to pay?

there is a beepig inside when the key is not in the ignition. all doors and the trunk has been doubled checked.

happend right from ignition and increases wit acceleration.

i have a 4.3 liter,high idle when it first starts then after it calms down it idles rough just wonder what options could cause this

shop says oil pan drain plug is worn out, that next time i get an oil change (have 47000 miles on it now) i'll need a new oil pan drain plug. anyone else hear of this happening to them or others? i've never know that the oil pan drain plug could wear out in 50000 miles...................?

the tailgate light is on but the tailgate is not opened. what do i do to get it off.

i changed air filter and egr valve

Wipers,Interior Lights, Speed Gauge,Window Deforester, Door Open Alarm,Washer Pump, they all quit working at the same time. How do we fix all these? I checked all the fuses, relays, wiper motor and pump motor, all switches are ok.

after setting for over 8 hrs it starts hard (like not enough fuel) Ck'ed fuel press and cks good what else can i check Thanks

I wish the answer was as easy as the question. My air bag light stays on but the air bag was never deployed? How do I cleaR IT.