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i started my car and now it wont turn off couse the key wont turn and come out
How much oil is needed to be added to a new air comprssor?
no leaks found problem is electrical inside the compressor w/the internal clutch compressor assy will need to be replaced along with the expansion valve along with expansion valve and recv/dryer dealership stated i still had the rest of the warranty, and now i find i did not have any warranty at all 2004 kia sedona purchased 12-10
changed out the transfer moduler
codes 4020 and 4030 catalyst showing on scanner and check engine light on. All problems started after stalling issue caused by faulty IPDM relay. Smelled fuel when trying to start car for 20 to 30 mins. I believe fuel in the exhaust may have damaged the cats. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Trying to avoid the high cost of OEM converters. Thanks.......
have a 2.3 and im replacing the motor,need to know how to disconnect the fuel lines from fuel rail?
new plugs wires fuel filter igniter box and injectors cleaned still no better and the old plugs looked good and did smoke test no vacume leaks and good fuel psi an volume any ideas
have replaced the brake switch and the rear brake Abs dokota does not have front abs...could this be a stored code or the rear tires might need bleeding? what do u all think ?
makes clunking noise esp on bumps
went into neutral. Is this normal it scares me.
And a whistling sound comes from the engine compartment like sucking air through a straw
No DTRs (problems) on smog report, just showing oxygen heat sensor and something to do with A/C "not ready", for months, hundreds of miles and 8 trips back to the shop to see whether it's "ready" yet. Drive Cycle is not on Hyundai website, or I can't find it. I called Hyundai USA--they were unable to provide a drive cycle for my car. They called the local dealer here and were told that sometimes even the dealer cannot get this problem resolved. The dealer then has to send customers to the Calif DMV referee to make an exception (which can only be done once, IF they will do it at all). Anyone know where can I get an accurate drive cycle for my 2001 Elantra, so I can try to get this resolved? Months & months late now for tags because of this. Thank you!!
compressor working fine so is accumulator
windshield wipers front&rear stop working at the same time. The emergency lights work.
There is a high pitch noise/whining came from the front side of my car when I was driving on the highway around 70mph (it also happened before on local way). It lasted a few minutes each time and continued happened for an hour. It won't disappear when I speed up, slow down, turn on/off the AC or even stop. Even I turned off the engine, the noise was still there for 5 to 30 seconds.