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the power and tranmission fluids or only use the dealer?
I have replaced the hi press hose. Vacuumed and leak down test good on the Robinaire. Now need to put a bit of oil in.
Have to push on and off the brake a number of times until it releases and after it is out it shifts OK
Do you have to pull the transmission to replace oil pan gasket
need parts and labor to replace the above items
This problem started about 2 years ago. In hot weather I
cannot make more than 1 or 2 short stops otherwise I cannot restatr the car until it rests for @ an hour.
The car has about 55,000 miles on it. The battery was replaced. The temperature gauge reads normal. It's been through diagnostics at a Buick dealer 2 times and they can't find anything. My husband brought it to a repair ship and they say it's a fuel pump and want $700 to replace it. I have my doubts because of the low mileage and I cannot see why the temperature would play a role in the problem.

I would appreciate your help as I am afraid to drive it.

I also had the problem with the windows that one of your readers described.
Must start car, press brake pedal and only then will gear release from Park. If brake pedal not pressed, gear will not release from Park.,
Followed manual instructions--assembly will not come free.
My truck was running ok park it and next day didn't wana start, check for everything that i could think like spark, fuel doesn't get to the tbi , i took the fuel line out crank it and fuel comes out but i does not get out from the injectors in the tbi, i bypass the fuel pump relay and it starts but the fuel pump keeps working after i turn the truck off, i even change the ECC thinking it was that but no
Where and how are you coming up with these estimates? You have to completely remove the dash to start with, how are you coming up with such a low price?
Does the old freon need to be pumped out? Why wouldnt the a/c accept the can on the low port.Its like it was clogged or something but the cap was never taken off?
A/c runs and last summer the A/C started to get warmer.Why wouldnt the low port take the can in. I poped the valve and it wouldnt inject. What do i do?
i did what the manuel said,after hooking up the low port i turn the valve to open ..guage didnt read it was charging.Does the old stuff have to be pumped out first?
The fuel pump in back runs a lot and is louder than normal.
Do we go to a regular mechanic or take back to transmission shop?
as you go to take off there is no power barely moves . its a 2008 pontiac grand prix it has 92000 miles no other problems since i have owned it. not driving it not sure if i should