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Changed Fuel Filter. Car was running fine before changing filter. Checked Relay switch. It is in the correct position. Can hear the pump turn on when I try to crank the car. The car just won't crank.

How much would it cost to replace my windshield wiper switch?

I have a 2002 pontiac sunfire that when it idles it surges we have replaced the altinator and the spark plugs also the idle sensor, What else could the problem be?

I reset it but the SRS light still stays on. I had an accident recently and it involves the driver side front door which has been repaired (none of the airbags deployed during the accident). I checked the wire connection of the airbag on the driver door and it looks fine.

how do i get the dash molding apart so i can get the speedometer assembly out to replace the light

how do i remove the air condtioner unit

my 2005 silverado has no trailer brake lights. everything else works -signals,running ect. all of the truck works just not the trailer brake lights. fusses all good and I just replaced module in back end of truck - still no luck.

My 2001 Bmw 740il has now 149000 miles on it. I replaced my old tranny with a used one (has about 65K miles) at 130000 miles. The old one failed. Do you know how often am I supposed to do the tranny fluid service? BMW says it is a lifetime fluid and no fluid exchange necessary. But I doubt it. Any ideas? Thanks for the last answer

CD player occasionally goes on the blink, then magically starts to operate normally again; driver's side power window quit working for about a month, then began working again, and still does; driver's side power door lock - won't lock vehicle unless you push down and hold, then let back up ... if you just press it, nothing happens ... after repeated pressing, sometimes the doors will lock, then unlock (after one press)! ALSO - Sometimes the headlights seem to flicker, and on occasion the engine just dies (seemingly during turns) ... I've heard Dodge products are known for electrical issues ... anyone?

I was told from the car dealer the ticking noise from my 2003 Nissan Maxima is coming from the third cylinder. My car has hydraulic lifters. The oil is clean. The car was throughly checked. I was told to live with the noise until any other problems occur. I can't stand the ticking noise. Does anyone have suggestions?

replace drive shaft

3rd time my clutch went out in one week.
1st time the person put it on with the throwout barring on backwards. it went out

2nd time my clutch rod went out

today on my way home it just went out again ALL IN ONE WEEK?!?!

(Raplaced clutch, slave cylinder, master cylinder)

1992 Prelude Si 4WS H23a1. non-vtec, can any1 help me out?? PLEASE!!

turn signal indicator lights on dash blink and flash randomly while driving for no apparent reason both left side and right side.

When the door is open, the inside light plus the light at the bottom of that door should come on. They do not. The same on the other door. The inside light does not work via the toggle switch either. The bulbs are all good and the fuse is also good. I proved this by removing the light cluster and bridging the contacts on the back of the switch. The 3 lights come on even though the door is then closed.

The truck will rev up in park. when you put it in Drive and accelerate it just sits and idles. Some times it will accelerate just a little, very little. I have tried fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter, vacuum leaks, spark plugs and wires.