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Can't change heater from hot to cold /cold all of the time/ Air conditioner runs heat all of the time. Went from being cold all the time to hot all the time. has plenty of coolant and blower works fine and does't over heat the engine

How do I turn off brake light in center of dash cluster? (circle with 3 lines on each side)

Let cool for about 1 hr then the engine will start

I have a 2004 Solara convertible w/ 72,000 miles. I have been told that I need to have the transmission flushed. I have read that this can cause problems. Should I have it done?

cant find the fuses under the dash by the steering column

i put on my cruse controlit willnot turn off my engine is raging

I checked my water, oil, and transmission fluid and they are all fine.

What does it cost to replace the rear struts?

where is the fuel injector relay switch located in my car

is this car a noninterference motor?

We just got up and looked in side the little black box after yesterday with the light coming on and there is no water in the black box what kind of coolant do we put in there to get it to the shop tomorrow.


check engine light on codes 170,173,421 to much gas consumption and oil also but not bule smoke out pipe

coolant is leaking under the crankshaft pulley? is this might be a leaky water pump?

where is the purge control valve on 2.3L