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left rear wheel bearing seized to spindle to spindle and spindle cracked rear end very low on oil and full of metal. all bearings pitted and ring and pinion pitted from debris
nees fuel replaced
I don't have further information to add.
removal of the altinater and loosening the belt
I have a 2001 Buick Park Ave that i inherited from my grandfather. The compressor makes a rattling sound when the car is running, i think it may be the clutch. The car has an automatic control panel for the HVAC unit. Like you set the temp and it keeps up by it self. When i turn on the system, at any temp, the compressor appears to turn on (u can feel the loss of power to the engine) and the rattle stops, but the blower motor does not turn on, even though the panel tells me that the motor is at full power. I just wanted to know what this could be, and if it was something i could do myself so i could at least get the blower motor and the heat working for the winter.
This is what came back from my engine light coming on and being diagnosed.
put gas in it and primed it and still wont start
Water is leaking out in a stream near the water pump and tension pulley. I've replaced two freeze plugs and water pump and the leak is still there. Is there another freeze plug on (dash board) side of passenger area?
What do you think the tradein value is on a 2006 Mazda3 with 105,500 in excellent condition?
my car idles up every now then I can turn engine off and most of the time when i restart it will be ok I have found bad vac hoses and replaced them thought that fixed it but some times it still does it Iam thinking could the egr valve be the problem from what ive been reading Ive cleaned the thottle body it seems to help for a while help triump68 thanks
I ran seafoam through it in the gas tank and beat on it for a few days and the light went off for a week then came on again. Should I be putting in 91 octane? Will that help. The dealer put in new plugs and a coil and ran cleaner through the fuel injectors. then the light came on 2 months later. They say, they would need to take the top end apart and clean it good for $1000. Isn't there something else I could do?
is the transmission front or rear wheel drive?
Dome lights work - no fuse for reading lamps. does anyone know how to trouble shoot reading lamps?
The dealer says that the transmission speed input sensor needs replacing and recommends transmission service (replace fluids). Car has 47k miles.
Just replaced water pump prior to this leak.