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no engine check linght. would a code show up for no spark to cylinder?
I have recently replaced the brakes and tires. The car is serviced every 5000 miles. The only problem I am aware of is the sway bar is rattling.
I have no spark, fuel pump doesn't come on. checked fuses and relays have power fuse box under hood and inside car. I want to know where the air bag relay is and if there is a fuel cut or shut down for this vehicle and the location. Thank
all the time.
I had a new (used engine) put into my car and now the temp gaue and the radio don't work. It is an after market radio. Are they connected in some way. The temp does show on the diagnostic computer
The bottom lights also do not turn on. My email is
When I turn it on, I hear a click like it's trying to wipe but the arm doesn't move.
That was a month ago since then it has run hot, now the idle control needs replacing
I need to know how to remove the steering wheel cover and get to the horn wiring without damaging or engaging the air bag.
I need to install a pv421 PURGE valve on my Toyota and I can't locate it on the car. Where is it.
mechanics don't know why the light goes on and off. sometimes for days at a time.
Car runs and accelerates well but idles with a noticable shaking when warm. Tried a lot of things (check for vacuum leaks, new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, injector cleaner, cleaned MAF,fuel filter,etc. Noticed that giving the engine a slight rev by hand produces a single pop sound behind the engine on passenger side and will produce a P0300 code when the engine is hotown. Mechanic shown this and said there was a lose hose on a valve back there and reattached it. Pop sound was lower but still rough idle and still can produce P0300 codes as described above. Anyone have similar issues and advice would be appreciated.
Where are the rear a/c fans on my van located. The only fans i see are the ones that are in the front by the radiator. Some one help me out with the rear fan loctions?
Ok there a rumbling noise in the front passenger side of the car. I kept the car running and popped up the hood but didn't here the noise on the outside of the car. You can only here the noise inside the car. I checked all my pulleys and all the wheels are on wit no play on them. I check the compressor clutch and thats fine too. Now the car only make the noise when the car is ideling. Wheb i put the van in gear and apply gas to it the rumbling stops suddenly and starts to do it again if im at a stop sign or a red light. Can someone help me with this situation please?
Will re-charge system. But, can't locate problem with blower. I assume it's the resistor. Please advise