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Is there a way I can find out If the radiator fan sensor switch Is operating?
I have checked have checked the sensor for broken wires or broken sensors none found. ABS module has not stored any codes either.
where are they located if any. All other functions work and programmable. makes clicking sound but no movement. Any ideas on problem and fix? Any recall on this item?
With the engine off should the water pump pully be able to be moved?
Having problems locating the OBD port on this van.
I have a 2003 ML500 and the rear passenger door won't lock manually or with the remote. It makes like three clicking sound when you use the remote to try to lock it. All the other doors works just fine. Please help!
when i start out theres no noise only when i've been driving and i slow down to a stop it makes that noise
Everytime I turn the wheel sharply or go over a bump at low speeds, I hear a popping noise. I have replaced the CV axle and the struts. Any ideas?
It doesn't happen when I start driving. It takes a while before it happens.
The truck ran fine until it started losing power and stuttering then quit on me. Wouldnt restart unless I cycled the key 3-4 times then ran very rough. Tried driving it to my mechanic but would die after less than a minute. Towed it to my mechanic but he cant find the problem. He says the injectors shut off after 25 seconds and cant figure out why.
i have a loud sound comn from my front right wheel im sure its my barrons
Manual transmission. Odometer works, but speedometer does not.
It flashes 5 times and then disappears for good. This started happening after I had my car jump started due to drained battery. Should I be concerned and how can I get it NOT to before???