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the information I have for installation shows two tabs, my model only has a notch, I have pulled it out, adjusted it four times in various positions, it still will not run
I removed and completely cleaned all lifters and now when I start it up it will not stay running and also shakes when it starts up
how can i open the hood when release cable is brooke
I attached line to small fixture adjacent to ac accumulator, front of engine, passenger side. New pump, but still in default defrost position.
Thanks, Kirk
I have been introduced to this product by a local distributor. It claims to increase fuel mileage, prolongs engine life and reduces harmful emissions.
The company is Syntek Global Inc out of Utah.

Are the claims real?

Car will be fine then all of a sudden, will act like battery is dead. This will go on a couple of days and then nothing. Then will happen again same way. Jusr replaced battery a month ago and all has been perfectly fine for a month now doing same thing again. Alternator was checked and is was fine at time of battery replacement. Only other thing is that the brake light stays on all the time now. Once in a while while driving will go off but comes back on. Help!!
came on .while it idle's it stay's on, but you can give it a little gas and the oil hand goes back to the middle and the check engine light goes off.
actually it is a 1998 Voyager
Passenger air vent door stay open warn air come out driver side and cool air come out passenger side what causing this problem
LH axle seal is leaking, how do you change it?
i swapped the cpu, ingtion modual, fuel filter,
Hello Good People
Where can I buy a shop manual for my car? I need to replace the shifter, because I have erratic shifting and a gearbox fault light thats coming on. The shop wants to charge $1,200
Thank You
The fuel sensor in the "dash" area has been swapped. It's had a tune up.I happens after idle sometimes but also on the freeway. Very intermittent>
the window on the rear passenger side does not go up or down
Recently i gave my car to the valet in N.Y. and when i picked it up the security light on the dash was on , now it stays on no matter what i do .Cant seem to shut it off . whats up? what did he do?? and how to i shut it off...btw car starts and runs fine