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The fuel tank pressurizes and gas smell is strong inside car.More in hot weather. Fuel tank blows back hard when the cap is removed.

will not start but the fuelpump is running all the time

new radiator water pump and thermostadt also with no thermostadt hoses have water in them but no pressure can squeeze hoses any ideas

how to replace AC/Heat blower control switch

When the engine is turned off and on again the 4WD switch goes into different modes. What causes this?

The 4WD switch is new and the old one still works and is not the problem. The 4WD motor still works. Help please!!!

where is and can I change the ignition switch van only starts when it's in the mood can run for months then dead told it might be the ignition switch but can't find it to replace

how much should it cost for exhaust pip gasket locknut and gasket in full wth labor

where is the fuel filter located?

Yesterday my air conditioner was working fine. This morning I got in and turned the air on and got warm air. I thought if I drove it it would get cold it did not. Sitll blowoing our very warm air. Temperature outside is 100 degrees today. HELP!!

Car was running fine we had a flash flood water got upto the to of the hub caps it started and died and will not start again sounds like its not firing, is this a sensor issue or is it serious, if its a sensor witch one?

when comming to a stop motor eccelerates and rattels

It is misfiring and when I put on drive it cuts off, please help.

I just bought new Ford Fusion. The anti theft red light keeps blinking and won't go out.

I need to know do I have to buy new head bolts, are can the same ones be put back in.

where on this engine (2.0L)is the cooling fan switch located