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Whenever I get to over 50 mph and hit the slightest bump in the road my jeep starts to shake uncontrollably.When I apply brakes and come to a stop it's ok.
When you turn on the heater if blows out cold air and never gets warm
My Mom just got this car ... suddenly the horn went off. This was after it was at a dealership for some other work and for a state inspection. This is the first time it happened and want to know what else we can do to prevent it in the future with the exception of disabling the horn all together?
when my gas tank get down less than a quarter it start sputting and skipping like its losing power and ill put gas in it. then it goes fine,But it does that sometimes iv put gas treatment in it what my problem
auto zone says the air injection system fault, probable causes are aa1 circuit relay defective or fuse open, aa2 check connector and wiring, aa3 air pump defective or hoses blocked.The P0491 said The Secondary air injection aaflownbank 1, Explanation the ECM detected that there was insufficient mass aaair flow change while the Air pump switching test, Probable cause aa1 Secindary Air vacuum hoses off or leaking, aa2 Failed diverter valve system, aa3 Failed Air bypass solenoid, aa4 Secondary Air hoses off or damaged. Is this a expensive fix?
when get in my car my S light will be off ill get half way down the road the S light come on and start blinking and my speedomater stoped working at the same time.Iv done put a new transcomputer,main relay,cleaned the egr what can be the problem now
MPG down to around 20 - any advice of what to check - no diagnostic codes showing up - could it be a lazy O2 sensor? It has 108,000 miles - Thanks
I replaced the EGR and am still experiencing the problem. Any ideas on what is causing this. The engine also sounds throaty when idled and hesitates at 3000rpm when revved in park.
I got hit by some lady today on the drivers side - I need to know the basic break down of the pieces attached to the tire - it appears that she bent the piece attached to it causing my tire to lean in some at the top. Is this an individual piece I could take off and replace, or is it something more? it appears to be just the piece attached to the tire that is bent the axle is fine. If you know anything about this - the repair - or price any help would be greatly appreciated!
Since the master, line, and slave come preassembled and bled, why would they sell just the slave cylinder?
the cylinder tube part of ignition coil is stuck and will not come out.
purge valve and/or canister to replace
help me please
I was review this website on memory loss. The connector came loose off of the battery. Seems like ever since then my interior lights will not automatically go off and my ABS light is on. Is it possible I lost some memory and what do I do now to find out?
my baffle is gone and now my truck skips help me