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vehicle is a 2005 model with 49,000 miles
Receiving a racking sound at the steering wheel shaft when speed is up to 45 - 60 and slightly turning to the right. Detail is that when terminals are verified they seem very hard and stiff; just a slight movement on the left inner terminal.
30+ mph, shift to neutral accelerate, the car will pull for about 2.5 seconds. Without acceleration r.p.m. increases for same amount of time. engine size 3.0
the car will not take gas into the tank.
There's a broken piece that came off from the rear door handle/latch.
make alot of noise when driving around 70mph
Hi everybody.i have 2003 prius.Recently it giving trouble,i dont know. just it from earlier it just low milage.just 23 milage per gallon.May be i dont know good yet how to drive in hybrid drive or starting.Anybody can help me about that.Anybody know how i get 12 volt auxilary battery that will fit my car.Bec i try lot of places i didn't find battery.Today i went auto zone but they dont have it.plz anybody know those issue messege me.Thanks
2001 Hyundai Santa Fe; 2.7L engine; 4WD... Thanks so much!!!
its over heating bad at idle. fans don't kick on. fan fuse was blowed. is something wrong in system or fuse just blow!
I just want to know about the noise and when I go over 60 mph the steering wheel vibrates???
the code stated that i needed camshaft
Lights and radio work. Have replaced the battery and starter.
Truck was running fine the day before.
Have replaced the battery and the starter. Still get l click and does not start. Lights and radio work fine. What do I need to check?
and i also can not get air to blow on the windshield but it will blow at me and on the floor.
the problem happens all the time i just drowe to cali from washington and i had to drive my car in third the whole trip and then it shifts hard idels highn i didnt know what to do i need help i took it got it get it dyignosted ??? sry ???
they toled me they didnt know what the codes are but he wrote it down and ive been dealin with ppl not knowing things so if anyone can give me advise i could use it my 24 and do all my car work by myself my man doesnt so HELLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!