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When I start my A/C the rpm become down to750 vibration start as the car wll be stopped in normal case it should increase the rpm

i get a slight turn over then clicking sound all the lights come on but wont turn on


snapping noise under dash, was told it was blend door motor, does dash have to come off. How much for repair and parts.

Unable to find a OEM GM Part - Catalytic Converter. I have had it replaced with a Walker & Magnaflow but the converter keeps going bad after about 1 or 2 months. Not sure if there is something else wrong with my van or if the mechanic is doing something wrong. I have not found anyone else having this problem and I know there are alot of 1998 ventures out there. Help. Is there anywhere that stocks parts which GM no longer makes.

Check engine light comes on when gas gauge gets down to 1/4 tank. I have a 4.6 v-8 auto

rejected emmissions due to obd evap and oxy snsr not reading.

this started today: the radio keeps going either up or down 2 spots (for example actual station is 93.7, and radio keeps moving to 93.9) and won't stay on 93.7, which is stereo.

driving alone and all dash lights started to flah on and off and all gauges lose power

My cruise control light comes on but it won't set.

Transmission was rebuild about 8000 miles ago. Will not go into gear in D (drive). It will just sit and idle. When I pull it down into Low (first gear) it will go. Then I have to shift it to 2nd and then drive to keep going. I have not changed the filter or fluid. I was told it may be a speed sensor. Any other suggestions?

I've been noticing a creaking sound while turning, at slow speeds, when the outside temperature is above about 60 degrees. In the mornings when it's cooler I have no problem. I've had the outer tie rod ends replaced less than 2 years ago and the rack & pinion was replaced under warranty, about 7 years ago, due to a leak. This noise just started this spring. Any ideas?

WV model 4 cyl 1.8 L

There is water leaking from the side of the console down to the passenger foot well when the AC is on. The carpet is completly saturated. Was quoted $600.00 to disassemble the console from the dealer..Are the drain hoses accessible any other way?