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When vehicle is moving.

I'm about to change my AC Compressor, just want to know if I have recharge the system after I change it. (will I have to add Freon gas)

The problem occur when the vehicle is running at a sustain speed of 100 to 120 kph. No indication on engine overheating but temperature gauge indicates an intermittent rise in temperature. This causes also the warming of AC system when temperature gaute starts to indicate rise in temperature.

- had a complete tune up and the gas filter replaced, but she keeps sounding like she's going to conk out unless I keep giving her gas. At red lights and stop signs I need to keep one foot on the break and one on the gas. She feels like she's breaking up while driving. My mechanic is frustrated. We're thinking it could be the computer (the breaking up sort of feels like as if it were a light switch going on and off) but don't want to spend that money unless we really have to. Help!

the car is running rough and the check engine light, check vsc, and traction light are on...the car has 55k miles

How do i replace the cv shaft on this here particular audi

and back to normal at freeway speed.

Starts right up but won't allow me to accelerate with ease. If I rev it up to say 3500 and then gradually let out the clutch I can get up to some speed but no zip.

My car was actually okayas fair as running then I got a crack in the front plastic piece thats on side of radiator. Only when warmed up it would start to release steam , so I would turn it off let it cool add more fluid, never let it get hot. Then I got a new radiator for it and me and my boyfriend installed it. When we took it out of the box I noticed it was a bit different , called shop. they said it was the right radiator , so we installed it and 2 gallons of antifreeze/ coolant. took it for test drive , 2 miles down road it started to get warm but I turned it off , cooled it drove straight home parked it . Called radiator shop they gave me mans # for car repairs. They have done all kinds of things and ended up blowing my top radiator hosr causing my car to overheat. Im goin crazy here. it ran fine till the new radiator was put on and no one is listening to me. What to do?

my battery light came on a few days ago and when i went to get it diagnosed, my car lost all power. the gauges went nuts and if i put a good battery in, the car starts and runs fine, til it loses juice. i had the alt tested and its good, and all 3 batteries are good. any help is appreciated

I replaced oil pressure switch, after replacing it now the car won't start just turns. Someone mentioned if I disconnected the battery before i did it Answer is no I just replaced the switch.

I want to reset the oil change indicator

change back brake pads now having one side to get hot bleed bake seems to be working smell brake pD HEATING UP AND ROTOT IS HOT

Where is the canister vent valve located and what does it look like on a 2009 Ford F150 truck?

In March I had my water pump, serpentine belts, seals, and timing chain replaced. Since then, my check engine light comes on the third start after I get it back from the dealer/shop - every time. I've had it in at least six times since the work in March - had sensors replaced, wiring fixed, etc. Any ideas - the dealership is running out of pssibilities.