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Why would it move up and down not front / back?
The plug for my daytime running lights is burnt up where the bulb goes in. It is also cracking apart. How do I replace that part. I am pretty handy, is this something I can do myself?
Constant Loud buzzing noise coming from front drivetrain, gets louder when I turn one way vurses the other. Is it transfer case or front drive axles,or tranny? Vehicle has 135k miles.
We replaced the idle speed control a year or so ago, but this seems a little different. It shudders and shakes like it is going to cut off, but if I give it gas with my foot on the brake, it does not cut off. It will also occassionally shudder and shake going down the road for a few seconds. What could this be? ( Transmission was replaced 2 months ago).
financially we can' afford to make major repairs to our car,, we did not receive a owners manual on this car either can one be sent to us free??
2001 Olds Alero 2.4L 4cyl
it has had a tune up and i tried gry gas, and it has oil.
Random misfire detect and code 1311 for secondary cylinder 1
and code P300
Took the truck to get a required NC State Inspection. Shop informed me the computer showed fail during the emissions test ... also informed that my check engine LED light is not working. Not sure if someone tampered with it to cover up a problem, or if light was on for a long time and eventually burnt out. I purchased the vehicle used last year in FL, but I live in NC. Thanks
Car only has 66,000 miles on it
First it was just the passenger front side with noises but now I hear both passenger and driver FRONT is making a noise only when I go over bumps. Wondering if anyone experienced similar noises and what the problem ended up being. We physically have shaken the car and see nothing noticeable but it is getting worse so will have to take in but wanted to see other opinions first.
any one that can tell me where that is
We are thinking this is a fuse problem but where/ or grounding?
need to know how to get access to unit note no lift
Well you see car was in a car accident checked everything I can think of fuel pump etc. all working fine now I also did the 10 min switch on to reprogram the ignition switch to car running and its still turns off well u see it was in a car wreck so would you happen to know if a sensor jumped out of place causing car to turn off? if so can you tell me where its located or if this is not the problem can you please help me..........