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manually no response

air bag light is on i have air bags in the car so where is the sensor in the front of the car

maually shifted there was no response

1998 1500 with a 5.9

dried out then drove & water again

how do i fix a cylinder 4 misfire on a 04 gmc sierra 1500 or what would be the cost to get it repaired?

i need a new starter and i dont know if i have a dohc engine or not

do not know what the problem is why the car won't stay running

they blink 9 times at the same time 8 half second blinks and 1 full second blink what does this mean

Drivers door chime stays on with ignition key removed until door closed. This has happened ever since my son tried to start the vehicle with a screw driver in the ignition. I took the ignition lock assembly out and connected the battery then opened drivers door chime dinged 4 or 5 times then stopped. Put ign lock assy back in chimes ding with door open until closed. Its a 2000 dodge stratus

van is going out of gear an not shifting back or forward into gear

It is off more than it is on. when it comes on it only lasts for a few minutes.

on ashort trip (10 mile + or -) may be once or 4 ,5 times

no noise from motor.memory buttons beep when power on seat is stuck as far forward as it will go. I need help thanks

leaking oil