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the latch will start to open then catch on the back side of the catch. i have tried to move the latch with a screwdriver and taken the back panel off but have not been able to open

is there any way to static check fan motors off of car but still in fan enclosure. it has a 3 pin connector and i know they controlled by engine temp. would like to make sure they are good before installing radiator. thanks perry

This msarted happening withouut any warning.

i can always hear wind noise specially from the top of front winshield,this is a convertible,also a lot of air on the side windows.

what is the fix for this code I just replaced the cat and now this code comes up

I Chage the cap and clean the code but in cuple miles it come back.

Five times serviced the A/C, within a month is empty.Ink used to locate leak does not detect leak. The van is an Eagle, with dual system. my eMail: I will appreciate any sugestions. Than you.

I have an indication of an open oncyclinder 1. We have replaced plugs and there wires. Replaced rotor and distributor and switched injectors without any change. We found bad wiring at the connector. We need to known how best to check the wiring to the ECU unit.

It was in the body shop and it worked before this. They told me to reset it, but I am not sure if I did it right.

when the car runs so does the heat the climate controll says off but even if you turn it on an set to 66 degrees the heat continues to build no ac comes on???

Audio system is now inoperable.

When my wipers are set in the intermitent mode they either don't work or run on constantly. When I turn the wipers off they stop in the middle of windshield versus finishing cycle and retreating to the bottom. This only happens when it rains. I test the wipers when it is not raining and they work fine.

Also when I let off the breaks after a full stop the breaks sound like metal rubbing together what is that?

How much does a flush--while replacing brake pads & rotors--cost?

I want to pay out of pocket and need to know how much and where he could go to fix it. the bumper looks like it could possibly be repairable but I would like to know the most i would have to pay to replace it. I am a college student under my parents insurance and im hopeing to just pay it myself. the bumper is rubber or plastic. thanks u guys!