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Engine block has crack causing oil to get into coolant.

when I DRIVE can a clooged cadilac converter send exhaust back to the engine in send smoke though the vent

an after market alarm wire became loose and shorted the under dash fuses.i replaced the fuses but the truck would not start.could the GEM be destroyed as a result and caused it not to start

i put gas in the car and the fuel gauge is still flashing empty.

It's stuck in about a 90 degree angle to the seat bottom, making it very uncomfortable for passengers :(. The power toggle to move the seat forward and backward works but the recline toggle does not. Any ideas how this might be fixed?

Thank you!

The automatic transmission selector level will not move then the key is in, engine on and brake pedal depressed. Checked for fuse, but, difficult to determine which one it is. If you have a fuse position, that would be a help. No obvious fuse issues. Other than the switch at the brake pedal and the solenoid, we are stumped as to why this is happening. Is there a common issue with this cars that could point us in the right direction?

Thank you for your assistance.


I have released the screws, but cannot get the switch to come out. I think I need to replace the vacuum hose(s) attached to the back. Where can I get those hoses?

I have recently replaced all shocks and struts. Before that I had my brakes fixed in November of 2010. The noise is in right rear of the car. It gets worse after I've driven it a few blocks.

illustration manual

Checked oil, transmission run and changes excellent.

Car just has 1000. miles on it. Great gas mileage no other problems love the car. Is it safte to drive now?

When I accelerate my blower keeps running but it does not blow thru the vents.

where can you get an update software for the PCM and is it free

What is the estimate to replace a transmission on a 2002 Town & Country Chrysler? The vehicle is located in zip code 33157 and I will like to use Lee Miles Auto Repair. The menu only list transmission diagnosis.

The vehicle is located in zip code 33157 and I will like to use Lee Miles Auto Repair. The menu only list transmission diagnosis.