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My car is starting but stalling after placing it in drive. It is not over heating nor are any lights on (check engine ect.) I bought this car 2 months ago and have been having the same problems with it since I bought it. It makes a smell like a vacuum cleaner belt breaking (more so when the heater is on) and after running for awhile a little smoke comes from the right hand side of the hood (sitting in drivers seat). the oil has needed refilled twice in 2 months so it is leaking from somewhere. The mechanic at the place i bought it originally "thought" it was the tension pulley so a new one was put on. he is now claiming it is the gaskets which costs a fortune in parts alone. A man in the dealership came outside as I was leaving and said he was a mechanic also and didn't trust their "backyard mechanic" and said that the problems I said I have have nothing to do with the gaskets. He took a look and said it was a module? ($45 part compared to $1200 for gaskets) I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows anything about this. I believe I was sold a junker that is going to qualify under the states lemon law but wanted to ask advice before I pursue this.
second time the light came on first time it went out by its self.
I've had to different mechanics try and find the leak, they have checked the radiator itself its fine. They've checked hoses under car and under hood can't find the source. They've purged the lines thinking maybe it was over flow caused by air in system. Still leaks badly. Leaking on passenger side by tire. The one mechanic said that he can find the area were its leaking from which is up somewhere near engine. He thinks it could possibly be a line going into engine that could be the source of the leak. But can't see anything. Help please
Car stopped dead. Couldn't restart or open locked doors to get out of the car. Computer malfunctioned? But, why could I not open doors?
When releasing the clutch into 1-3rd gears my SUV shudders. It does not happen all the time, but seems worse when the car is warmed up or we've been driving for a while. I've taken it to two repairs shops and they've suggested it could be a worn clutch but there are no other indications that the clutch is going out... and this has been happening for 2-3 years. It is now getting worse. Any other suggestions? We just replaced the spark plugs. I don't want to replace the clutch unless we're out of other options since this clutch replacement is over $1700.
My R350 is about to go out of warranty, 49,850 miles , and I have replaced the headlights and tailights. All under warranty but I have 2 other MB and never replaced one light. don't want this to continue. Any ideas?
when I stop and then begin driving it's slow in going and then it will jerk at about 25 mph. what is wrong with it? could it be the clutch wave plate?

thank you
i pulled the tire off and the rotor is loose i believe its the wheel bearing i'm not sure though would that be the reason?
Im in Dallas and a trusted friend at Desert Diesel in Tucson AZ told me I needed a bearing kit put on the front of my truck this includes all the bearings on the front end with the hubs he has told me that it should pay about 6 hours shop time and withe the parts should be not over 1200.00
unless there is damage and parts need replaced and that I should ask to see them before agreeing to any other cost. Can you tell me of a shop in the Dallas area that can work on my 2001 F250 W/A 7.3 in it? I'm looking for a shop that puts it'd work first and has Honor in the way they run their shop a real Mechanic a do it once and it's right shop. Please help me I'm in need here if you can. Please contact me at
Thank You! PS if your ever in need in Tucson Frank at Desert Diesel is that shop for real "semper fi"
The repair manual is not forth coming with suggestions. Help?????
We are having issues with rear tire wear on the inside of the tires and the outside looks new. We notice the "VW" look when we look from the back. Is it just camber??? The fronts are wearing even. Tires have 32,000 miles on them .. Mostly highway. Can we just flip-mount the rear tires??
Dealer saying rear needs replacing one side broker other side worn.
Dealer said motor burned out on rear windows so I asked them to disconnect however, sometimes I am able to open one window a small amount?
We thought it was the fuel pump so we replaced it, it worked for a bit, then the relay wouldn't work, replaced that as well and it ran for a little while and then the engine was flooding again.
When the ignition turns over it starts to pump just fine but if it doesn't turn over and keep running the fuel pump keeps pumping and floods the ingine. Someone please give me some advice if you can it would be greatly appreciated.
fuel tank won't accept the fuel. checked for kinks, did not see any. have tried several times at different stations.