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they stop and once in a while start working at the exact same time ive ben looking for a ground is this a related problem or just ironic how can i fix or trouble shoot this
My 1991 Dodge Dakota has been having trouble with the tail lights and the dashboard lights. Everytime I replace the fuse, once I turn the headlights on it immediately blows the new fuse. This is leading me to believe that there is a short circuit somewhere in the wiring. I was wondering how much it would cost to get that fixed. Or if I am incorrect on my analysis, if someone could tell me what they think the problem is and how much that would cost to fix.
just this past year the check engine light came on. i had a freind check the obd code for the check engine light and it came up with a p0303. i replaced the spark plugs, the the check engine light turned off a few months past and it came back on again i replaced again all spark plugs with boots. the light went away for a few months, and just the past month it came back on again. im about to change the coil ingition and fuel injector if this continues what else do I have to replace for my engine to run normal so i can get my smog cleared and done.
It only has 18,000 miles on it and recently started this. It is intermittent and seems to be worse the first few times I break when I haven't driven it for a few hours. I have brought it to the dealership twice and they say they can't find anyhting wrong with it. They checked the pads and rotors and said they are fine. It's not fine. It really unnerving and it's gonig to cause me to have an accident. Now what do I do?
Will flush or service of trans solve problem?
it lasts for the 5-10 minutes after its started and i also notice a strange high pitched sound too
it will make a humming noise for about 30 seconds then the ABS light will come on. it don't do it all the time though
Very difficuly right now when no fan to assist the defroster on these cool mornings. What would be the cost to repair this problem? Is there a relay or fuse that controls the fan, or does the whole fan assembly need to be replaced, and what is average repair cost?
fuelgauge don't work turn, suv on and it go back and forth
Need to do brakes on my car and need to know if it has SBC brakes and if so, how can I deactivate this system myself?
i am replacing the spider injection system. and i want to clean the manifold and injector ports without removing it from the motor.
need to bleed hydro boost brakes appling when trun steering wheel
I had o2 sensors changed, EGR changed even drop the tank and had the fuel pressure senor changed, still gives me p0132 or p0135 reading. Now it is begins to cut out and give me little to no acceleration, please help!
Checked bulbs and fuses all ok just dashboard and running taillights are not working?
headlights and brake lights and turn signals work but not regular tail lights?
brakes apply when turning steering wheel