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what is it?
I had driven my car earlier in the day with it working just fine, but when I drove it to work the shifter was a little sticky. When I tried to leave I discovered that my shifter wouldn't go into any gear except 2nd or 4th. I pushed it out of the parking lot and drove it home (just a few blocks) and by the time I made it back it wouldn't go into any gear at all. I'm hoping it's just a problem with the linkage, but am unsure. IF it's only that and not the transmission, then about how much would that be to fix?
goes from shift lever to cable and breaks usually due to normal wear
Car has received a new alternator and battery within the last 4 months. The check engine light came on as well as the check battery like, but after cleaning the IAC valve, the check engine light went off. However, the battery light continued to come on intermittently; could this be caused by the fuel pump? Currently, the car cranks but does not start, and will not take a jump.
Heater control will come on but no heat will blow out of the vents
car is over heating, loosing water and the heat stopped working
rpm. have replaced o2 sensor,map sensor and air temp sensor(which is still reading -48 deg). any suggestions?
I have replaced the waterpump(it was leaking)I was hoping that was the problem. It gets worse the faster you go, with the window down at 40mph it pretty bad. at low speed you can make to get worse by stepping on the gas (it comes and goes).lying underneath at idle i can hear it. please help.
I know it's a wagon and is part of the "E" series, but what's the T for?
I had the alternator changed and the battery changed and the battery light still comes on. It only comes in the morning when it is cold the night before. If I stop after that and restart the car it does not come on, otherwise it will be on till I turn the car off...only happens when the temp. drops at night...if its warm at night the light doesnt come on at all...please help
Bought 2002 deVille from relative who drove it weekly and serviced regularly. Mileage at 14,500 then [original]. After 3000 miles more and 5 months, Check Coolant Level light comes on but no overheating. Add small amount of coolant to surge tank, drive w/o issue for 250 miles. Car sits for few days then start up, Check Coolant Level and Service Engine Soon lights come on [no overheating though] and white smoke comes out of tail pipe. After diagnostic testing, head gasket [cylinder 1] blown. I thought this Caddy engine problem occurred after lot more mileage [100k+]. Curious?
How to replace the throttle sensor
I cant tell where its leaking from and seems to run good when going down the the road but when I stop it leaking antifreeze and the radiator cap is not even warm
when it does start smells like it is flooded once when driving cut off an on and never did that again just started about 3 or 4 days ago when it got cold here in phoenix thanks Larry
Why does my van put out heat when it is riding, but not when idling?