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I was told from a chevy dealer that I need a new motor(7000)instead of replacing the camshaft autuator. I wanted to know how much is an autuator and is it expensive to replace?
husband was changing #1 spark plug and the inerds and top broke and rest is still in there
What is considered low voltage?
I have to push down on the pedal one or two inches before the rpm happens.
We installed an electric fan a few years ago that was using 13amps. Installed new one that uses 22amps. Would the difference in the amps be enough for my plugs not to get a good spark?
pours out as soon as you put oil in it
Z3 engine starts but dies immediately. this happened three years ago, a shop charged me $1900 to replace "the computer" with a used one, and the car worked again. Later, a friend told me all he needed to do to fix the same problem on his Z3 was clean the contacts (I live near the ocean in Fla). I want to try that before I tow it to a shop.
Have codes appearing
What do I do next to get it to pass smog test
what is the antilocklight mean when it goes on?
That is at the same time as the DSC failure. After both of those were replaced I was told the diagnostic showed a VTG failure.
when i start the car it wont kick over nothing happens but it has power. ill put it in drive then neutral then park a few times then it starts.?
Alternator replaced with NAPA part. Battery warning light continues to come on from time to time. Dealer checked and found alternator OK and clueless as to reason for battery lighy coming on. Any ideas?
Car only sometimes starts off rough. After I let it run it will start to run smoother. But while it is running rough it smokes and smells like the gas is burning rich or stronger. Also the warning light comes on. I fill up the antifreeze at least every 100 miles or so. So is is a sensor or a bad radiator cap.
I have to actuate the close button many times