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my brakes have the sound of air escaping from them. there is plenty of brake fluid. this happen after about 10 miles now they don't work.

how do I change from kilometers to miles on the odometer. I have tried the reset

i have changed the thermostat, the water pump is not leaking

No incedents or damage could low power (secondary battery) or loose connection cause error code indicating fault,Doe's SRS prossessor reset on power up. How is system accessed, any consumer available software.

I asked about the engine light earlier but it is the Battery light that is blinking, my mistake, had engine stuck in my head. Alternator?

The engine light is blinking but the battery cables are attached and appear to have a clean connection. The battery is barely 2 years old, it is a 2 door automatic. Any ideas out there?

the red lights stay on and top wont go down

lack of power and jerking when accelarating?

I replaced the spark plugs and coils and my 2004 nissan altima 2.5 wont start, battery seems fine, it started before i replaced them, any ideas?

My cruze control is not working no matter how fast I going. The lights on the steering wheel do not come on when I put panle lights on. I checked all fuzes under the hood and under the dash. What could be the problem? Need help.

i can drive it for half an hour and once I shut it off it takes about 45 minutes to get it started again

changed coils,and control modual same problem.

What do I need to do?

what does this mean and what is the repair procedure for this

I see that the fuel rail,and fuel injectors are in the way of getting to the back bolts on the valve covers. So I am wondering what the complcations are in removing the air intake assembly, in order too gain access too theses particular bolts. And would like to know if I'm right in my assumptions concerning this matter.