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Local ford garage says there is a tech support that declares it is not abnormal and to do nothing about it.
It makes more noise when i get on the Highway, and it coming from the Left side, driver side, i can feel the vibration on the floor mat. can somebody please tell me what wrong. It a Frontwheel drive.
i had brakes done on my car in august it is now january and im being told the garage that did it first forced brakes that didn't fit which caused them to crack and wear down my rotar..another garage over the phone asked what kind of rear brakes i had and im not finding anything online telling me what a 2008 hyndai elantra would have
You can feel it ingage but wont even try to move is it possiable to fix less than total rebuild 147000 miles
got car at 72000 ran great, developed rod noise pulled pan #2 #4 bearing babbit flaked off.??? has83000 now.
In Nov mechanic fixed indicator light that was on but car computer failed to acknowledge repair. Aside from driving it more, is there a way to fix this problem w/computer?
I looked under the hood and the silver part of the air conditioner insulation has worn off. The inside "cotton" part is showing. Is it Ok to leave it like that or should I get the isulation replaced?
Code P0446 has been activated.
When I give accelerate? Ford explorer four wheel drive.
i have a 1991 300te wagon, my question is that, how can i fold down the rear seat of my car?
Engine lite keeps coming on saying cylinder misfire
can't get the timing set right, and having trouble finding an example or answer online.
Hey there! My 4x4 will go in (shift on the fly) but will not disengage shift on the fly. I have to take it to have them manually pull it out. Mechanic doesn't know and doesn't want to throw parts at it...? Help!
I can ajust steering wheel and push tilt lever up and it is ok. Drive a little and turn wheel lever comes unlocked an steering wheel is loose ( up and down) until I push the lever back up in lock position. This happens on every drive repeatly unless I hold lever in up position.
DTC's P2096; P0139-02; P0137-02.