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I notice my air conditioning not working after approximately 1.5yrs.I tried to recharge it myself and when that didn't work I took it to my local mechanic. They said the rear air conditioning lines had rotted out and it would be 1000-1500 to fix. I live in the North East and find it hard to beleive I'm the only one with this problem. If this is true do you know if the rear can be by passed so I could get some cooler air up front. It's been a good vehicle otherwise but I'm tired of baking in the Summer. Any sugggestions ?

Two years ago I purchased a 740IL I simply love this car! the ride it is an exception production vehicle. :) I have had several alternator issues with
my BMW I have replaced it 3 times in the last year. I had a replacement unit put in vehicle it failed after 6 months, I had original unit rebuilt by a local company it failed within a month they rebuilt of course again for free three weeks ago it failed again. I had the replacement unit I bought a year ago rebuilt and put it back in car to save time. Could there an external problem with this vehicle that would cause a repeated failure. I also have a noise in the right rear speaker, sounds like an older vehicle does when the antenna is not connected. Anyone this problem before this driving me crazy.:yikes:

replacement of pitman shaft seals for 1994 ford ranger

Love this van. Want to keep it forever. Two months ago headliner across top of windshield began to "fall". Fixed it myself with adhesive recommended. Two week ago other "bubble" began to appear in rear, over driver's door, near sunroof, etc. Cannot find out how or who can replace the headliner. Please help.

all cylinders lost compression. replaced worn-out timing chain and gears. still 0 compression in all cylinders. whats the likliness of all the valves getting bent and staying open. seems there should be some compression in any givin cylinder even if the timing was off. the crank gear is set at 12 o clock the cam gear at 6 o clock..... baffled

I have a 2000 Honda Accord, it hit a curb, and now the tire is pushed back into the wheel area. I am not mechanic, and really don't know much about cars. Before I took it somewhere, I was hoping to get some info and possible costs. So that I know I am not getting completely taken. Any info would be much appreciated.

I have read that changing the fuse has helped solve the problem of the A/C blowing hot when idling. Where is the fuse located so I can try changing that first?


o2 sensor comming off that cat

this happens only when the control is moved from cold toward warm

the radiator needs flushing how is that done

everytime i get gas

It is a fairly simple question I am trying to get an answer for.

at times it will the engine will start after along of cranking, it use to act like a lucky game, the only code i found there is P1490 and P1489. My email:

at times it will the engine will start after along of cranking, it use to act like a lucky game, the only code i found there is P1490 and P1489. My email: