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The lights stop flashing when the headlights are manually turned on
I have removed the top bolt from the starter. I also removed the bottom nut that holds on the transmission lines. After removing both the top bolt and the bottom nutt I still cant break the starter free from the Flywheel housing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
my modis scanner said its power steering pressure switch but called parts store to get one but 2001 aurora didn't come with one so not sure what to do or check for on that high idle anyone have any ideas thanks.
It was jerking and not starting, it jerked when driving it on the road. Our mechanic replaced the wires, plugs and the mass air flow sensor. Still jerking?
The dealer said its the ABS self check
2 weeks after the fuel pump was replaced, I notice the car had a hard time starting so I replaced the dayco belt tensioner and thermostat. Should I have the person who fix the car go back and redo the wiring or do you think I need to replaced the speed censor? Please help! thank you
what does it consist of
or transmission problem is Toyota recognizing this on going probem
fell like misfire. after eng. hot runs fine normal.
Leaking trans fluid on both sides around cv boots.
It's my first BMW and I love it! Bought used a year ago. Car is in good shape with 40,000 miles. I'll put 20-25K on it every year. Can anyone give me an estimate of average repair costs for the next 2-3 years?
The service manual did not come with my car, so I have nothing to go by. All indications that I have read online indicate that since it is a newer car, it should be 100,000. There are no warning lights coming on and the heat works great. Should I try a test strip in the coolant to see what it says? Thanks in advance, Scott
also hear a clicking noise by the handbrake and shifter.
the torqe converter will not lock in
But when u pull off she fills like its missing but then she run great after u get off the stop persion like a red lite. i change spark plugs change wirers and cap change oil change serpintine belt and it happens all the time