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I have stinky white smoke,only after it starts

started up 5 min later started buckin and revving at acceleration died and would not start checked codes bad cam sensor so i replaced plugs and sensor ran fine for a week started acting up so i replaced crank sensor after driving it for a while ran good but would die when put in park let it sit for 20 min. start up and ran fine till put in park no codes so i changed engine coolant sensor took it out after 10 min died would not start had codes this time 0340 & 1391 so i put another cam sensor in started up ran ok but would fail to shift and just revved got home put it in park kept running drove in reverse put in drive and put in park all was fine till i put it in reverse then it died. i feel like i'm chasing my ass in circles here please help

Does this truck have a timing belt or chain? And, does it just stop working? Running great, turned it off, would not restart...

I bought my car used. Only had it for a week the check engine light is on. 2007 Chrysler Pacifica

Car runs great, seems to shift fine. Only problem is this accelerating problem from a stop. Service engine soon light came on, and I was told the shift solenoid code came up. Had computer cleared. Since then my door locks no longer automatically unlock when placed in park. Still having the accelerating problem. Engine sounds like it's laboring until you get going.

new battery all new electric starter ect .?

I'm not sure if I have to take it to a Lexus dealership or have and independent company handle the replacement

car was runnig rough for about 2 months. A rich condition that i think was caused by a leaky intake gasket. While driving one day it stalled. It acted like it had a dead battery, wouldnt turn over. I put a wrench on the crank pully and I couldnt turn it. went both ways and it only seemed to to just barely move. tried the key a few more times and it finally turned over, but sounded real bad like metal banging. Turned it off right away. Tried to turn it over again just too see if it would, but no luck. Had it towed home. Sure would kike to save this car. No engine light, regular oil changes, with the lean condition the cat was getting cherry red. It has a 3.1L engine.
Could I have spun a bearing or what else may have happened?
Thank You

Drove about 10 miles the car would stall while driving about every 2 miles. I noticed it stalled while just ideling after about 3 minutes. Each time it starts to shutter like its starved right before it dies. It usually starts back up right away. No check engine light. Fluids are good. When I reached my destination the car sat for about 2 hrs. On the drive back home it ran normal (good). Just bought the car last week from a used car lot. 1994 with only 84,000 miles.
What could it be?

I accidentally left my front window down during a rainstorm and after that, the security alarm has a tendency to sound if I lock the doors using the remote, key or press down on the door lock. If I lift up on the door lock before pressing down, the alarm usually will not sound.

car make grinding noise when starts, after a few minutes noise will dissappear

For the 3rd. time the system shows incorret tire pressure and the warning light keeps flashing. How do I reset system ??

wont un-lock anything or start the car


i need to mount the blade on the new motor