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how to change a air filters in my air conditioning on my toyota paseo 96

Have new battery alternator is good no codes but battery light still comes on and goes off every little bit of a time

the fuel filter didn't change anything where to look next and what to look for?

Driving on streets or Hiway when I turn A/C on car acts like it is shutting off. I turn A/C back off and it sputters and kicks back in.

when i replace the fuse it lasts a couple of days then blows out at cold start

rear wheel bearing need to be replaced can not get brake cable and emergency brake shoes off to remove hub hub is off axle caliper and assembly is removed i have no more to add how do i get brake cable off and since you ask for more how do i get bearings out without press

My a/c was working fine but all of a sudden stopped. I went and had refrigerant put in my car and it took almost the whole can.

I have a 2011 catalytic converter and my 2006 Honda civic hybrid needs one I was wondering if I can replace it with it?

added fluid to reservoir , it helped but now worse

thermostate, check, fluid change and radiator checked. Engine continues to stay hot.

The car waa fine then all of sudden theres oil sitting on the top of my engine and maybe 2 weeks after that i notice the car vibrates a little and drives roughly but i dont know the problem

It doesn't feel like it's switching into the higher gears.

When i start the vehicle the engine will shake in a back and forth motion not side to side. After about 10 seconds it will go away.

Transmission won't change gears.

couple of hours