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starts and runs fine but when siting at a stop sign in drive or reverse it runs like crap . got codes p1399, p1204,p0401,p0141,p0325, what could it be and what can i do to try to fix it helllpppp please.
skakes from side to side at 50 miles per hour
This happens very randomly as i havent been able to pinpoint any one thing that i or the car may be doing that would be a common denominator for the reason why the lights would keep going out while i am driving. thatnk you in advance for any and all help you may be able to give me in reagards to this amtter
The local shop that diagnosed Code P0015 talked about timing problem and said only Volvo dealership has a computer that can fix the problem. The Engine-light went out by itself when I started the car, but may come back on again perhaps. What exactly is this problem in plain English and how much should it cost approximately to have it at a Volvo dealership?
My thanks in advance.
it's an 8 cylander, automatic; Doesnt have four wheel drive. the gauge started acting up a few days ago; and now it's not wanting to stay running. Im not due for an oil change for sometime, although one of the cylanders has a loose valve. i checked the oil level, and it's fine, no leaks. what should i do, and what should i look for?
also is there a reset for the fuel pump.
The high beams won't turn on. Replaced the bulbs, still don't work. The high beam indicator light will come on but not the high beams themselves?????
Is there only one fuel filter?
Is it possibly the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel injector, fuel relay
has great spark, no codes . still flooding. acted like it was going to start when holding accelerator to the floor, but still wont run.
The blower works well but seems to blow out of only the passenger side. Can I repair this or is it too controlled by the A/C Module?
It is parked on a hill, emergency brake is on. What do we need to do?
The check coolant light just came on.
timing belt failed. no dam to eng. whats cheapst cost i can hope for to repl belt & reset timing? thx!
The low coolant light just came on. Does it mean a leak?