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how nuch does it cost to replace a lower control arm on a scion
Leak looks like oil, leaving small quarter size drops in the garage. Mechanic says he needs to move engine to get to it, 15hr job. How serious is this problem?
This is a very simple question which cannot be made any easier to interpret.
just replaced battery, now car does not want to accelerate and backfires.....only happens sometimes. Replaced o2 sensor yesterday, but still happens (not as much though). Check engine light blinking as stated above.... Can someone help me?
Van wont go into gear. Was thankful as dealer says the new recall might be the issue. When they checked it, they have not pulled the trans yet, they said the fluid looks like pink milkshake? GOing by tomororw as I did not see this.
Anyone else ever have that happen?
had one of my oil rings blow out on me. Do i need a lot of equipment or anything like that? Some kind of compressor?
Removed the gear adapter while replacing the VSS. Reinstalled all. Now have no speedometer and the tranny is not shifting.
We have a dual air system where the back passangers can control thier own climate.
I think it has something to do with transmission
sometimes seems like rpm guage will move a little when you cycle key
my truck has a one year old transmission in it and 75,000 miles on it.
I have an electrical problem with my van. It has had a new alternator and a new computer and it's still not fixed. The machanic can't figure out the problem.
Any ideas or help?
the name of the part inside the shifter that houses the spring i know that its a upper and lower part
where is it located and how difficult is it to replace?
smog test says fuel evaporation controls functional... fail..