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lights only go off by disconnecting battery

there doesnt seem to be any off/on switch on the shifter on any other place on the car.the when the shift is in the D spot it looks like it should go into overdriveas to info in the owners manual but at 60 miles per hour the at almost 2600 RPMs but no shifting into overdrive.

can't seem to find the problem could it be a wire

happens all the time regardless if the engine is hot or cold.

After taking it back several times they said it needs a timing cover and gasket also radiator, took to rad specialist he said nothing is wrong with the rad. These people will not stand behind their work, They will go back in and fix it for a big price. Any suggestions

Roy, I apologize for my son's response. I didn't know it was sent until now. Rest assured he won't even have access to this again. Someone told me the grommet only came the way i got it. one piece. 3 pieces does sound ten times easier. i'll definately swap it out for the other one. Shoot, that grommet will out last the car. Can I get back to you if I have any other problems? thanks for your help

ignition key wont work nor copies. do i need a new ignition switch or what?

where is the blower motor located on this gmc safari

i went to put the truck in drive from park and the gear shifter dropped all the way to first. But the truck was not in gear. It was in neuteral. But I am not sure however because i had to leave my truckat the bank and when i went back to try and push it to the grocery store parking lot but the truck would not move...

a month or two before then my highlight blue light kept flickering and making a click noise.

seat won't go back.

change plugs and cam senser and crankshaft sensor

The increased emissions light has also just came on.

its not over heating after it sets about 10 mints it ok what is wrong with it

i want to do it by myself