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car is very load on passenger side and wheel can be moved back and forth when jacked up
I have been experiancing this for a couple times now when i get to a stop the truck stalls out and i place in nuturl it starts right back up. or somtimes i get there and it idals at a low RPM below 500 and then stalls out. i have changed the Air Filter, Fuel filter, and throttle Position sensor. i have been reading that it might be the O2 sensor that might be causing the stall. please advise before i have to pay a hefty repair.
it comes out cold .it blows out just cold
My 'Mitzi' is a 1995 Mirage. It has only 77k miles on it (doesn't see much action does it? lol). About a week ago, it started making this terrible noise, I originally thought it was an exhaust leak near the front. However, my husband (who was a mechanic for years) took a good look one day and discovered the crankshaft is vibrating terribly. He researched it and found there might have been a recall regarding the crankshaft (apparently they tightened the crankshaft too tight at the plant). I have not been able to find any such recall. Can you help me??
Meaning I could load my Vue and pick various rims to see what they'd look like prior to purchase.
code p0341 fisrt b1 cam pos sensor i replaced it now a day later voltage is too high in the same sensor i replaced
I was told that the front lower ball joint needed replaced. Looking to get couple months out of the car yet before replacement
Would like to know what is the best way to fixed the problem, if posssible if anyone know what is the cost I should expect to pay.

It is continually flashing off and on CHECK
has 411 gears , so what they sell is case for under 355 gear . and another for over 355 . odered one for 411 gears but axle gears and spiders dont fit?
the transmission place says the deferential unit has to be replaced. whats the price range on that
still working
How are the spark plugs numbered. I thought it was, from left to right looking at the engine it way 2,4,6, in front and 1,3,5 in back. Can someone confirm please.
Would driving conditions crack a vacuum pump or would something have to come in contacted with it such as someone hitting or prying on it?
it skips and stalls during takeoff and/or acceleration,