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never had this till a 2rate shop installed a new drag line at 20,000 miles... instisting l needed it, now l can't get rid of the shmmy
It seems fastened in the front but i don't want to pull hard in case there are more screws.

ck. codes that was ho2521-po303-p1131-p0171-po174-p0316 and cylinder 3 misfire. i have replaced oxgen sensors,plugs,wires,and coil. and it is missing.i ck. codes and now reads misfire on 4-5 and 6 have ck.wireing wireing ok no cross plug wires .it has no power at all and mising bad
where is the ac/heater control module
how to place new springs in place
When I try to start it it turns over but is not firing
Happened after fill up with Mobil gas, which I use regularly and from same station
The problem seemed to be only in cold weather and would go away once the car warmed up. Now it's all the time and quite loud.
i took it back and the mechanic said i needed a valve job. 1,200.00. it accelerates fine but as soon as i let off the gas it starts sputtering/skipping. the wire he put on looked aftermarket. at first he said the wires that he installed were faulty and replaced them. how can i tell if i need a valve job? what are the symptoms of bad valves?
What is the drive cycle to reset the computer on a 1996 mercedes benz c220
car waw being driven when it loss power. i checked output shafts aren't turning. could it be a slave or clutch problem?
I would like to know what all is inolved in changing the power steering pump on my van. I am very mechanically inclined and just sort of wanted a starting point and what all is required to be removed.
Whats the repair cost on a rear main seal on a 4wd? Does the oil pan have to be removed for this? Does the front diff have to be removed when dropping the oil pan?
The driver's outside door handle started to pull away from the door. I bought a new one, but I can't figure out how to get the old one out and the new one in.
My car now has 200,000 miles on it. For a couple of years now, the A/T oil temp light has been coming on after about 30 miles of driving. I have had several mechanics look at it, but none has been able to solve it. the car now has a new engine, rebuilt transmission, and a million other things. It is practically new on the inside. So, where should we be looking?