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Leaking fluid had to run straight through
I'm sure it's the circuit board on the front of the motor, when I tap on it with a screwdriver handle I can make it start at will. My question is do I have to replace the entire motor? or can I find the circuit board separate?
want to buy the part, but don't know what it looks like - 1991 acura integra
I a noisy alternator to be expected?
What could cause this? I do have a code for a speed sensor, but could that drop the gauges as well?
My jeep is running vey gard and rough. Then it will cut off, It will also cut off when you change from park to reverse. Does it need a ignition coil or computer box?
What can I try to repair this problem.
There has been a very slow leak on coolant, I'm thinking it's the thermostat. Any thoughts??
Checked all fuses and all are fine. But I can har he cd behind the screen trying to come out.
The new ignition lock come equipped with new keys, and seem to have no electrical parts for an anti theft system.
and or oil filter assembly is it just a gasket and where can i purchase the parts thanks in advance need info asap
Like to buy a owners manuel 1999 GRAND NARQUIS
This happen at night when I get ready to go home and in the morning.
When truck was brand new, panel came loose. Had Ford fix, but has come loose again. How can this be fixed?

Truck vibrates (rattle under front dash) when idling at stop light...unable to locate source. Any ideas? Have put truck in neutral and park and shut off air conditioning - but still rattles. When idle increases, the rattle stops.