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i changed this and now again it wont pump threw the cyliners plz help how to install and make sure all is lined with shaft and prime the pump do u and how
its for a 3300 v6 oldsmobile cutlass
2009 Hyundai Sonata
i recently bought the truck it has 220,000 miles on it. Thanks, Bret
But not all the time. I read you could put a quart or 2 of Tranny fluid in the crankcase before an oil change (not over filling of course) and it might clean the oil passages.
lite starts to blink engine starts to run rough and then the lite goes out and engine is fine what to do?
It is a 5 door suzuki reno.
can these be adjusted. IE floorboarding sets it to performance mode for several min then it will go to economy(?). I am thinking of giving to a new/young driver and am interested in economy not power performance.
Replacement of the plastic elbow requires a whole assembly
Had rotors warp four times in less than 6 months. Was told related to bad hubs
no spark tried cranksensor shut down on interstate will start then shuts off all fuses good
I replaced the mass air flow sensor, but I still get the same engine code. Could there be another issue?
trying to fix the breaks
have replaced front wheel bearings replaced tires all balanced to zeros rims are not bent
form the master cylender
My 2001 BMW 330ci is due for a transmission fluid and filter change. The dealer recommends Pentosin fluid, which is quite expensive. Do any of the Mercon/Dextrons interchange with Pentosin?