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The fuses are all good, the marker lights come on when the switch is turned, and the high beams also work. When we turn on the lights on low beam the marker lights come on no issue, and we can switch to high beam, just no low beam. All fuses are good!

After I jumped the battery, the audio didn't work. I checked fuses and they are OK. What do I do next?

My Rodeo starts fine when cold. When it warms up and sitting in Park, the idle will surge and then drop dramatically to where it sometimes will die. When I try to restart, it cranks a long time before it will restart. When in drive and sitting at a stop light, it will also surge. The truck has good performance going down the road. Ocasionally a puff of white exhaust will come out. The truck only has 13,000 miles and sits in the garage a majority of the time.

I poured a litre of oil in and it went straight through on the ground. Need to see if the drain plug was installed properly?

runs rough, no check engine light, had tune up, changed fuel & air filter

the code the comes on is p0101. I have took the car to the dealer and was told that my MAF sensor was going bad. They replace the sensor but the same day the engine light came back on. I have an after market intake installed and i am wondering could that be the problem and if so what steps do i take to correct this problem. thank you

then it starts smoking under the hood

what does oxf warning light mean on my volkswagen jetta mean? it makes my car shut off

Tires wearing out on inside of front. Are ball joints pressed on or can I replace them myself? Thank you.

I bought my car in August of 2008. It has ran like a dream up until about 2 months ago. When I drive over 50+ mph the car sounds like a race car like it's taking all it has to run. Once I slow down to under 50 it purrs like it's supposed to. I've had the front end aligned, tires balanced and rotated, one set of brake pads replaced, but I still don't what causing the sound. It sounds like it's coming from the tires, but I replaced one of them and it's still a problem. I'm frustrated with it. I have to drive to work with the music turned all the way up to drown out the sound.
The front end doesn't shake or anything it just sounds really funny and I know it's something because my car didn't start making this sound until a few months ago.

Thanks for your help in advance!

i need help on this it is the only car i have.

I had the motor and computer replaced.The motor runs fine but I am getting things on the computer that I have never seen before.

The same thing happened on the passenger side and the light was replaced. Replaced the driver's side light with no luck.

the top of the engine is on my way do i have take it out then the valve cover

it is entered via the radio.