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?What do I have to remove to get to the alternator?

putting the steering knuckle back in having new bearing and hub assembly pressed in

there is nothing covering this in any Volvo manual

My car started making this noise (similar to a cassette tape rewinding) while driving on the freeway. It stops when I bake and slow down below 40mph. Is t related to the brake/rotors?

Sometimes my air bag light comes on sometimes stays on and sometimes flickers along with all other interior lights and when using my headlights it does the same.My security light has started coming on and sometimes doesn't. We have replace the computer brain and it is not it. When hooking the computer to the car it does not put out any codes to what is wrong with it! The mechanics can't figure it out that I have had trying to fix it. Please if anyone has any idea please let me know.

All other lights work properly, there isn't a male connection from the rear power block that all of the other rear lights are plugged into.

new fuel pump

the battery is good, oil light and engine light comes on, checked oil and it was good

Now the car has a clipping sound, almost like the fan touching something, coming from the timing chain on the rightside bank of the engine. What could this be and what will need to be replaced? The car still starts and idles with no missfire. Idling is a little rough though with the clipping sound very load while idling.

Crank sensor was replaced and the car ran fine for 2 days then stopped. Thought the car was not getting any fuel so we replaced the fuel filter and it still will not start. The car is in the shop and they are stumped as to why it won't start. They want to replace the crank sensor again ($700.00 part) and I don't think that is necessary. Went online and asked a Kia mechanic who thought it might be the ignition control module. According the the repair shop there is no way to test this part to see if it is bad, any suggestions?

Could the problem be caused by the ignition control module?

i just had the rack and pinon in a 97 audi a4 quattro replaced. exactly a week later, after working absolutely fine, at the time of parking i had trouble turning the steering wheel. next morning, it was almost imposible to turn the steering wheel. no fluid on the ground, no weird noises. the fluid in the resorvoir does not seem to be moving. would it be the power steering pump?

I have had this car for 3 years and I have probably put 125 miles on it.It has right at 91000 miles on it and I stopped to put gas in it well I did not put the 93 octane in it.After driving it to church and then back home I noticed the service soon light was on.Where do you think I should start looking or can someone point me in the right direction for an answer to my problem?

Last week, my car wouldn't start. It would crank and not turn over. The next morning it started and drove fine, but then, after I would brake at a stop sign the car would hesitate before driving. Last Thursday, I was reversing my car, when the car stalled. I shut it off and it started back up immediately. The car still hesitates when accelerating after a stop. This morning, I had to brake hard and my car stalled out and wouldn't start for another five minutes. What is wrong with it, what is the estimated cost of repair?

i can sit parked and turn the wheel and it will make this terrible noise.