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Its not out of gas. I tested for spark its getting spark. i here the fuel pump when i turn the key but when i check for fuel pressure at the valve on the fuel rail it doesnt shoot out like it should it just kinda dribbles out. why is there no pressure at the fuel rail. What could the problem be? when i spray gas into the throttle body the care starts for a second then dies. i cant seem to figure it out!
Replace Seal an addition timing belt
The car wants to idle fast even after the car warms up and you take off and drive the car. It wants to run rough going down the road. It wants to idle fast when you slow down and park the car. They are telling me it just runs at high idle all time and they think they smell it getting hot. If anyone has any ideals what this could possible be i appreciate it. I work on cars but i never heard a car doing this. The customer called me yesterday and wants me to fix it for them. Any ideals? Thanks!
Got a used 96 Trooper 2 months ago. Running pretty good then one day couldn't start the engine. First I changed the battery. Seemed like that was the problem, then after a week, same problem. I turn the key, it started to crank, then it died.The dashboard went dim, then no power. Waited 20 minutes, crank the key,power came back but it won't rev the engine. Can hear fuel pump working. Might be alternator or starter. Has anyone gone through this?

I cannot get the rear brake rotor to break loose. Is there something like an emergancy break holding it on. I can't find any kind of adjustment for the emergancy brake that I know of. Another car I had had a star adjuster on the internal drum emergancy brake. I don't see anything like that on this one.
My car started fine and then the other day went out to start it and wouldn't start. Checked the battery and it is fine. Also I have power to the rest of the electrical components, headlights, radio, etc.
When I,hit a bump,its a Squeaky sound it gives off,n it sounds as something Rattling loose,but nothing lose..
Recently had crank position sensor and ignition sensors replaced, along with timing and balancer belts. Check engine light was out and had the smog check (CA) done. Passed with flying colors. Next day check engine light came on again with those codes. Back to mechanic tomorrow. Any suggestion on either code fix?
When I pull out of my driveway in the morning and turn my steering wheel all the way to one side, the car makes a stuttering noise and it seems to be dragging. It was a very small noise at first and over the past 6 months got louder. The funny part is that this noise goes completely away, as soon as the car gets warm. After driving it for ca 15 min I can neither hear the noise nor feel the dragging in the front. It is not a clicking, it is more a stuttering dragging noise.
Had it at two different dealerships and one independent European car shop, they told me three different stories.
1. Thought it would be the CV joints (however, car has only 50,000 miles on it and 2. guy told me that is highly unlikely with so little miles.
2. Guy said that it could be something with the transfercase fluid and that I should simply get the fluid flushed and exchanged.
3. Guy is telling me that it has something to do with axle shaft and traction control system.
Ok, three people, three different answers. Still don't know what I should do with this car.
Anyone has another idea or had a similar experience. I would appreciate it.
Sometimes the orange low-fuel light will come on and sometimes it doesn't. Mileage on half a tank of gas varies from 35-45 miles. Spark plugs & wires & intake manifold gasket were recently replaced. No lights other than the low-fuel light come on. The temperature gauge was going toward hot (about 2 increments past the half-way mark). Pulled car over immediately. Once cool opened the hood and notice coolant under the reservoir tank. Added more coolant & it hasn't ran hot since. Based on the issues mentioned, does it sound like I have something that needs to be diagnosed at a shop.
After the engine warms up it will come out.
I don't think it needs an alignment. Please help
I can't get the coil to come out
I took my car to the shop on Saturday, I asked them to do my tune up & major service,they go to do the work and come tell me that there is oil where my spark plugs so i asked what does that mean, the guy say will im going to have to replace your valve cover gasket, so they do that and i go to get my car an i here this knocking sound im like what the heck ,the guy at the shop say now we have to replace your cadillac converter on the driver side...well in my mind im thinking my car was not sounding like that when i drop it off... Im so upset well.... my question is, Is it something they done or was it something that was about to happen?