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i am trying to locate speed sensor
Also the battery is in good condition. and everything else is okay on the car.
put a new rack and pinion and power steering pump on my 1987 supra and its still really hard to turn
2003 CL 500 commad/radio unit
when the key is turned on and off, a tick comes from the area under the dash on the passenger side. it lasts for about 2 minutes and then shuts off. it also ticks whenever you turn the a/c or heat on for the same amount of time. it does not affect the drive of the truck but is annoying and embarrassing.
The transmission will not shift on it's own at all. I have to shift up and down as needed as you would if it were a standard shift. It seems to have lost power going up hills but still runs is my only car so I drive it daily but need to find the problem soon. It does not make any strange noises or slip, jerk or anything else, it just won't shift automaticly. The fluid is full and leaks. I'm lost...can anyone HELP???
I have taken the battery, battery cooling box, fuse box, removed the attaching wiring harnesses. now where is it exactly. The manual states on the driver's side "end of the engine at the cooling crossover"?? Where exactly is that?
78,xxx miles on a 3.8 2007 Pacifica. Went to clean the throttle body, but the back side of the butterfly plate was sooo heavily caked, the only way to effectively clean it was to remove the throttle body. I took it off the car and removed the plate. After soaking it in solvent and sacrubbing for a while with a rag, got it prefectly clean and reinstalled. Now, the ECT light, a lightning bolt inside backwards parenthesis )(, comes on intermittently, but fairly regularly.

When idling, it comes on for a second every 3 or 4 seconds, and the engine speed surges momentarily (a couple hundred RPMs). When accelerating, or when cruising at a decent speed (45+ mph), the light seems to stay off. But when coasting down, it sometimes comes on as the engine speed drops. It might just blink on then off, or it may stay on for several seconds. Over the course of a 25 mile drive, the car went into limp mode, with the ECT light and the traction control light illuminated. Turning the car off and restarting got rid of limp mode.

I removed the battery cable for 15 seconds and have no OBD codes. No check engine light. I thought this would force a relearn of the throttle position in case that was the problem. I'm out ideas at the moment, and I don't have a dealer around me that I feel I can trust. Help!
will not exceed 40 mph and all guages shut down
Car stored in garage...excellent condition. No outward signs of deterioration where water can enter doors, but got heavy downpour...started hearing water slosh on passenger door. Next day I ran my finger between rubber gasket on bottom of door and water poured out of holes in bottom of passenger door. What's up? No visual evidence of any problem upon close inspection. Concerned of what damage can be done by this problem beside rusting.
problem. How is this done?
My Car Reservoir is empty but when I open the cap it is full of coolant because I put some in there but its not going down. How do I fill up the reservoir tank if it doesn't allow me to put any coolant in the opening on the reservoir tank?
the car ran very good and the mann took realy good care of it.
I need to replace my starter and this is the first time and I don't want to take it to a shop.
the color of the wires are a different color on the after market piece then on the original one. Do you know how to get wiring correct