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Do i need to remove the whole assembly like axle,spindle and the arm? some cars you can change the lug without removing everything..need some help this one.. thanks..

When you step the brake pedal, light on the dashboard always on, then drains the battery. I did change the brake light switch but same problems. Alternator and starter are good.

Are they in the main headlight area?

van starts shaking ans smell turn off and let set for a bit then drive again dose not do it all the time

what could be problem

I dont know what this sound is near the dashboard and steering wheel. I have never heard this noise before until now when I start driving. Also, car jerked like it was spitting out something...what is that about?

items, keeps setting diff. misfire code p0301-p0304, new cat. put on... with cat off, still falls flat on accel and idles rough...sometimes @ high rpms runs smooth.....plz help

thanks in advance...

after i noticed the problem my driver side auto window feature has stopped working as well as i had to be jumped once it happened.

2002 GMC Envoy - should I replace thermostat first to see if it fixes the problem? Pump is not leaking or noisy.

My doors autolock by themselves while im driving,continuously? what is it that?

it has not worked since ive had the car. I used to have heat but now it doesnt even blow out.

you can feel heat coming from vents when driving but it wont blow out


my wife went to leave for work today, she tried starting the car all it did at first was cranking and cranking then she turned off the key and tried to re-start the car then it started once it did start it was running rough check engine light came on and was flashing , it acts as if it has no compression but runs rough it seems to have no compression, im afraid to try driving the car anywhere to get checked out

I have a car that I haven't driven in about 10 months. When I went to drive the car it would power on (new battery), but would not start. It was driving before this time. I had triple A come out and test everything. The guy said it might be the fuel pump. I had it towed to a local mechanic. The triple A guy wrote on the slip that it may be fuel pump problems. Mechanic says it is. Do fuel pumps go from sitting? When I was driving the car before this it was driving fine and was not making any sounds at all. Just don't want to spend 655.00 if it may be something else.