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Is there another cabin filter near the engine?
how do you hange a starter.and battery cables.
is it right front then left rear then left front then right rear
Sorry if this is a data overload, but I want to be thorough.

As you can see in my previous questions, I've had a lot of problems with my pickup. Most of which I thought I've taken care of. I've had two mechanics work on my truck. The first turned out to be a shade tree mechanic, that I found out had no shop, and did all the work he did on his duplex's driveway. He replaced the flexplate and transmission mount, and he disconnected my steering column to install the driver side exhaust manifold because he broke the bolts on the flange and had no torch. He had me pay extra on labor for that. On top of this, he replaced my rear transmission mount, and left my interior trashed (along with my headlights shorted out).

Since then, I've gotten the headlights to go. Had to replace my positive wire from the starter to my battery because this guy left it next to my exhaust manifold (so it shorted out in the middle of an intersection).

When I start the truck, you can hear a low metallic flutter, then it stops as the truck idles and drives. I checked underneath and the flexplate seems to have a slight "wobble". I was told that torquing the flexplate it tricky and should be done by a professional. So far, no problems have arisen yet.

Next, took it to another mechanic to have a used transfer case put in, because my old went to crap. It would grind and grind. The newly installed transfer case is in the 2WD position, but it seems like once I go over 50 mph, the truck would shimmy. I thought it might be the tires, so I took it easy.

Next, I had the same mechanic (who replaced) the T case, replace both of my front motor mounts. I was always apprehensive about driving on the highway, so I took it out for a spin onto the highway. As soon as I got up to speed, here's what happens next.

Front end up vibration gets greater and greater, GPS reads 65 (my speedometer is saying 80, but the cable has been off since I've owned the truck). I figure if the tires were out balance, I'd be having a hard time steering. It wasn't hard at all. Then as the vibration got to a certain point, I hear on the passenger side.... PING! A clatter noise, something metallic bumping under my truck. I pull over to the shoulder, and was able to walk back to the point of when I heard that noise. I saw nothing.

I went of the nearest exit and pulled into a gas station to check under the hood and I didn't see anything wrong. Crawled under and I noticed that a few drops of tranny fluid were dripping on the pavement right away, then stopped after about 4 drips. I checked the bell housing and starter bolts I replaced, that once had fallen out. They were all there.

Checked the tie rods, shocks, and ball joints. All seem fine.

Then I noticed something odd. My new CV axle on the passenger side had a problem. The upper boot was completely torn off. I bought it brand new in December and had it installed by Commercial Tire. CT said it was a manufacturer issue and nothing I did or all the mechanics who had worked on it before. In other words, just bad luck.

I am curious though. Would that torn boot cause a bad vibration at highway speeds? I forgot to ask the CT mechanic that.

Is it also possible that the used T case I had put in, is stuck in 4Hi or Lo? It seems to shift normal, while in neutral. Ever since the first mechanic worked on my truck, the 4Lo LED is constantly on, and it didn't used to be. Hence my curiosity.

Thanks in advance as always.
just replaced ac hose assembly front air works and blows cold rear ac doesnt come omn at all
Is it a hub type,sealed,tapered,or axle mounted
whereis the engine coolant temp sensor located?
when i turn the car on the ac cuts on and i dont know how to turn it off.
codes 1631 1634 1173
i had my timing belt replace now my kia will not speed up to freeway speeds
i had my timing belt replace now my kia will not speed up to freeway speeds
there are these three codes coming up p0172 p0175 bank 1 and 25 too rich and p0300 cylinder 2 misfire and there is a strong fuel smell when running. You must keep your foot on the gas to keep running. We have replaced all spark plugs and the EGR valve what could be wrong
it does sound like metal hitting on metal when you accelerate. otherwise drives fine . no leaks or smoke . thanks.
one time the dealer told me the manifold needed to be cleaned so i said ok, it seemed to run allot better, now i think it needs to be done again, i tried spraying carb cleaner in throtle body but didnt work, how does the dealer do it so i can try it.