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My transmission went completely out and I want to know if a '97 transmission will replace it.
they still grinds when i go to stop
leaks between the convertible top into the trunk
Smell is most proiminent when A/C is on. Usually strongest after vehicle has been driven about 30 minutes
they both leak when driving. happens now
abs module
turn on but not works.
TRANSMISSION ISSUE: There is an "issue" with the automatic transmission. If you have a knowledge of transmissions, this could be any easy fix. It seems that the "D" gear in the transmission does not want to engage. You can start moving forward in D2, and then when you get to 3500 rpm, you can shift into drive.
whenever it gets to 80 mph my car shakes and the check engine light flashes. otherwise it just stays on. what are the most probable causes and is there any where in louisville that you recommend me to take it to ?
my 01 maxima is a v6 5speed.what weight do i need to use? like
?w- whatever. it didnt come with an owners manual and i doesnt say on the oil cap.plz let me know
leaks into the trunk when it rains or during car there a seal that needs replaced?
My Low tire warning lite keeps coming on
When turning on the heater there was a very loud noise all the time. Finally the heater stopped working all together. the AC light turns on when you switch the heater on but no air is blowing. Would this be a fuse problem? Also, where is the heater/air conditioner fan located?
I have multiple lights going out at once, the running lights attached to the trunk lid are no problem, but i'm having a bit of difficulty accessing the brake light under the marker light
I only have 52,000 miles on my 2000 Century. My mechanic said I should replace both radiator hoses, as they feel soft and are 12 years old.